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Arcia, is there anybody besides you and your friend involved in re-starting this guild? Maybe they'll have good ideas for names. Deciding on the guild name was a bonding time for my friends and I when we did it - I have fond memories of that night. If no, what do you want to express with the guild, what kind of name are you looking for?

Slaxch, your best bet might be to buy a guild with more levels. To recruit people into a low level guild, you have to be able to offer them something they value - usually some kind of community or event. Are you interested into putting in a ton of work to attract and keep members to level the guild? Leveling the guild when Mists comes out is another reasonable option - there will be a bunch of people coming back to the game, leveling up, and looking for raid spots.
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I have created a guild called Deity. Trying to get a good recruiting advertisement going but i'm not haveing to much luck lol. I have made a website for this guild that has forums, downloads page, it is a phpnuke website so anything can be done with it.

Can you help me get a good recruiting advertisement going? If so i'd realy appreciate it.
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It's my friend, myself, and my wife. We have a few other guildmates, but they are rarely on long enough to contribute to the xp cap, let alone assist in creating a guild name. We were all hoping that with the return of the Scroll of Resurrection, we'd be able to entice some old members to return to the game and help us "start over," but the draw was slim pickings.
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Very helpful. I sort of inherited a guild <Holy Rollin Empire> and being new to this, and WoW in general; it's great to have helpful forums such as this one.
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90 Worgen Rogue
I could use some help as well.


Casual Guild

Guild Level 5 currently

Will become softcore raiders


Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm starting to worry there aren't any players out there who are interested in the type of guild my boyfriend and I created. He figured there would be plenty, but we haven't found them, and I'm getting to the point where I'm wondering if we should give up the search.

Here's who we are:

We're a level 5 Alliance guild on Stormrage named The Order of the Golden Dawn. The name doesn't really help much with ads because it doesn't have anything to do with the guild! We just liked how it sounded, and we've had several other people tell us they like the name too (but not enough to join! ;) ) We are all about being social, hanging out together and doing fun things together. Guild events such as flashmobs and naked gnome runs are on the agenda, as are guild contests like treasure hunts and farming runs. We never want anyone to feel like they aren't good enough to do a dungeon or to raid, but instead encourage everyone to try at least once. We're about helping our fellow guildies, not telling them that they suck and need to magically get better on their own.

Does that sound like anything people might be interested in? If so do you have any ideas how to market it?

08/19/2011 07:44 AMPosted by Mystrea
Consider passing out things like low level bags, gear, etc. at the starting points and inviting low level players.

I have tried this, and while several people will gladly accept, only one has shown interest in joining our guild. People only seem to care about the perks. Also, with Cross-Realm Zones I don't quite know how to make this work anymore without giving away all of my bags to members of other servers. Should I say in the ad that these bags are only for low levels on Stormrage? I'm thinking about doing it that way, but it just seems a little rude.

Once you have enough people online at the same time, start doing some fun public events. We have parades through Stormwind and out to Goldshire and back. We have fly and fall events. All of us fly up and mass drop, Screaming "We're <NOT DEAD YET>" as we fall. We had a dance party in the trade district and passed out free fortune cookies courtesy of <Not Dead Yet>. We also sponsored free portal services during major events like Thanksgiving. This garnered quite a few members. Get creative, but get your name out there in a positive way.

^ This is pretty much what our guild is all about: just having fun together and doing silly things. Yes we level and do dungeons and PvP and raid, etc, but we're really about guild events and contests. About being a guild. While doing "fun public events" to have a blast AND be used as a recruiting technique has been in my plan all along, I can't for the life of me get the number of members necessary to do it in the first place! We've been working on choreographing a flashmob that we think would be really fun guessed it! Not enough people to make it work.

So if anyone has any suggestions that would be amazing. Thank you all so much in advance, this is an awesome thread!

(NOTE: Sorry it go a little long-winded there... ;) )
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30 Pandaren Warrior
I'm trying to get my guild <The Curry Crusaders> up and running, but I'm having a little trouble. I have pretty much made no progress since the guild's creation, a few weeks ago, and since I am in a very low populated server I am having trouble finding potential recruits. My guild is a social guild that will mainly have fun events like parties and parades and things like that. I've heard that hosting fun things like that is a good way to get new recruits but because I'm the only active person in my guild that can't really happen. I am also lacking a good ad at the moment and I'm kind of confused on what a good way to bring in people would be.
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lol, I love that name "The Curry Crusaders". That name by itself would stay in my head.
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Simple is best. My trade spam was as follows:

<Gulchtrotters> recruiting for [class/class] for core ten man raiding group. [2/6] PST for more info.

Bits in the brackets varies. For a non-raiding guild you might want to emphasis acheivement farming or xmog runs, or RBGs.

Best time to recruit is after a heroic, or Xmog run etc. Just whisper people and say something like, 'hey man, good dps that run. We are looking for dps atm for our ten man. Next raid is tomorrow at 7ST, interested?'
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90 Human Priest
Hi all,

My husband, 2 friends and myself created a guild <Edge of Darkness> we are currently level 9. We have recruited close to 17 people so far and I am stopping recruitment for the moment so we have the chance to get to know all the new people.

Our focus is social with casual leveling, hoping much later down the road to do raids but no rush.

My problems right now that I need guidance with is that I have created a guild site, have vent, posted a few activities and our very first raffle. None of our guildies have joined the site, logged into vent, signed up for any activities or said one word about the raffle. I did all this to try and get to know them better and create some fun things to do. What can I do to get them all involved or even interested in any of these things?

Thank you in advance for any responses!!!
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