Appologies and my confession

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Hi there everyone old and new to this server. As an oldschool vanilla gamer of this realm, I would like to finally release a passage about myself for it has been bothering me a long time to bottle this up but I really just need this closure.

I would like to confess the reason as to why I make fun of certain people and abuse gamers of inferior skills as well as get really upset when I lose duels or get killed in world pvp and call people horrid for needing more than 5 people to kill me. I am actually unhappy in my real life due to a physical issue I have that I have experienced in my years of high school and have not sorted from then until today. I used to be picked on for this feature and that is why I come on this game to play a pretty blood elf female to project myself into this avatar and hide from real life. I am finally going to admit the reasoning for my behavior for it needs to change after years of failing at real life, sadly I suffer a disease called obesity....

If any of you suffer the same problem as me, I would very much appreciate your support even though I don't really deserve it but's soo difficult to even go in public, my confidence feels so shattered when people look at me, that is why I hide here and that is why I am angry all the time. Please understand why I have behaved the way I have in the past, I feel I deserve a second chance and forgiveness from all I have badmouthed and mocked....

Amevie is currently banned from the forums as well due to the type of immature nonsense we post up here and she relayed a message to me that she also wanted to confess something due to the fact that she can never post anymore. But yes it is true, she is also suffering the same kind of disease that afflicted me since high school and we use this to find a way out of our depressing lives... We hope that we can change the way we behave by doing this and hope we can make these forums a more friendly safe place.

Thank you.
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They need to learn how to use the space bar...
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85 Night Elf Priest
I see....
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People STILL dislike you on here? Good god, I admit I used to think of you as an attention !@#$% in BC, such as lots of people thought of me back then, but then I grew to find it funny because of how serious everybody was being. Drama entertains me.

Regardless, I still love ya Virc.
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Khaz'Goroth Shore, !@#$s getting real.
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props bby, you're back on khaz m8
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only 4 u qtpi
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Hi it is Amevie, but some of you may know me as Akrieva.

I am giving up my "trolling" ways, truth is I only ever did it to boost my self esteem by mocking other people. What Virc posted was true, and this has taken a lot of anxiety of people knowing the truth off my back.

It was always difficult when people asked me what I looked like.
I have told a lot of lies as to what I look like; even going as far as linking someone else's pictures and using them on skype and facebook. I also said I suffered from anorexia, this also was not true. I just said it so people would think it less likely I suffered from obesity, if not damn near impossible. I don't think any of you can understand how good it feels to have the truth finally out there.

I am currently banned from the forums, but I will post nothing but nice comments when I get back because I have realised the error of my ways and how mean I was initially. I did not mean to be such a mean person, but I apoligize for doing so.

I hope you can all accept me for what I am.

Edited by Vonz on 8/19/2011 8:37 PM PDT
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This is now a Spiderman thread.
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Best thread in years, shouldve been done earlier there would be more bites.
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08/19/2011 07:54 PMPosted by Mankrik
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thanks OP, I came buckets.
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90 Tauren Druid
Dear OP.
I love our facebook chats.
Love me.
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Just one thing....
It's not a disease.
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