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I think I managed to fix the MooTools and yepnope issue. I have a fork of yepnope up that should fix the issue.

Heh, I just noticed, prior to checking this thread! Nice stuff, will update DarkTip as soon as the request get's merged. :)
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Update! :-)

DarkTip version 1.1.5 is out now!

This update brings you...
- Diablo III profile tooltips
- Patch 5.0.4 compatibility (works with the new talent spec data)
- Mootools compatibility (thanks to Naidi/lightsfury)
- A lot of small changes and additions
- Even some minor bugfixes

Have fun! And report any bugs you come across! :-)

Download here:

Demo here:
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DarkTip version 1.1.7 is out in the open!

Version 1.1.6 was uploaded a few days earlier but was never announced because it did not contain anything significant. ;)

Summary of changes:
- New module: Detailed character spec (active and inactive, including talents and glyphs)
- Talent order is now according to the tier
- Item tooltips now use the new data resource for itemclass and subclass

As always, have fun using DarkTip, and don't hesitate to report bugs or feature requests.

Download here:

Demo here:
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This is good stuff and I'll be implementing it into my guild site. Thanks for all the hard work!
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09/06/2012 06:23 PMPosted by Cordana
This is good stuff and I'll be implementing it into my guild site. Thanks for all the hard work!

Thanks, drop me a link once it's up and running. :)

Slightly related to this:

DarkTip 1.1.8 is here! :D

- Fixed pretty ugly infinite loop bug in item modules
- Spell Tooltip! Yay! :)
- Character Tooltips now show X of Y on mounts and pets
- Small fixes

As usual:

Download here:

Demo here:
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DarkTip 1.1.10 is here! (1.1.9 never made it live)

I changed the jQuery methods to the non-removed one, but qTip2 is still not working because of another method that was removed in jQuery 1.9.0 - So DarkTip will stick with jQuery 1.8.x until qTip2 is updated.

Additionally, DarkTip item tooltips now use the new, better readable, stat notation that Blizzard introduced.

And item upgrades on equipped items are now in, too! :)

Enough reasons to upgrade, I suppose. :D

Download here:

Demo here:
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Information about French localization. :o)

  • [FR] Appuyez [SHIFT] pour changer de mode -> [FR] Appuyez sur [SHIFT] pour changer de mode
  • Realm
  • [EN] Alliance controlled -> [FR] Contrôlé par l'Alliance
  • [EN] Horde controlled -> [FR] Contrôlé par la Horde
  • [EN] Next battle -> [FR] Prochaine bataille
  • [EN] Realm not found -> [FR] Royaume introuvable
  • Quest
  • [EN] Quest not found -> [FR] Quête introuvable
  • Item
  • [EN] Socket bonus -> [FR] Bonus de sertissage
  • [EN] Item not found -> [FR] Objet introuvable (without 's')
  • [EN] Worn by XXX -> [FR] Porté par XXX
  • [EN] This item is slightly below it's owners average item levels. (X item levels below) -> [FR] Cet objet est légèrement inférieur au niveau d'objet moyen du personnage. (X point(s) en-dessous)
  • Character - (global)
  • [EN] Aucun personnage trouvée -> [FR] Aucun persnnage trouvé (without 'e')
  • Character Specs
  • [EN] Active Spec -> [FR] Spéc active
  • [EN] Inactive Spec -> [FR] Spéc inactive
  • Arena Team
  • [FR] XvX [Alliance|Horde] team d'arène -> [FR] Equipe d'arène XvX, [Alliance|Horde]
  • [FR] Cote -> [FR] Côte
  • [EN] Hold [SHIFT] to view current statitstics -> [FR] Appyuez sur [SHIFT] pour voir les statistiques actuelles
  • [EN] Release [SHIFT] to view seasonals statistics -> [FR] Relâchez [SHIFT] pour voir les statistiques de la saison
  • Achievement
  • [FR] Aucune Avantage trouvée -> [FR]Haut fait introuvable
  • Spell
  • [FR] Sorts introuvable -> [FR] Sort introuvable (without 's')
  • Wowhead Character Pickup
  • [FR] Aucun personnage trouvée -> [FR] Aucun personnage trouvé (without 'e')
  • Wowhead Spell Pickup
  • [EN] Spell not found -> [FR] Sort introuvable
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    Information about French localization. :o)


    Hey, thanks a lot! :)

    Google Translate does not really get the job done properly, I know. :D

    Will push those in once I've partially recovered from the nasty cold I'm going through. ;)
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    Just wanted to drop the info that some new modules, triggers and features have launched over the past few months.

    Most notably, DarkTip now uses local Storage to cache api call results between page refreshs.

    The cache lifetime varies on the type of api call. Realm status is only cache for 5 minutes, while item data is cached for 90 days, currently.

    Besides this, there are numerous smaller changes and additions that I'm to lazy to list. :D

    On the horizon, I'm currently working on a complete rebuild of DarkTip (read: v2) that will use different third party plugin to run even faster and so on... ;)
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