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90 Human Warrior
I was curious, what is the story behind your guild name? What made you pick that to represent you and yours? Why is that the flag you wave?

I'll start. About a year before I founded our guild, one of my fellow guildies Davok and I were messing around in Westfall and decided to see who would win if we took off most of out armor and weapons and dueled. We joked around calling it Westfall Fight Club. We had a blast and a few more of our friends joined in the fun, and this silly little moment became a "thing". When it came time for us to branch out on our own, that was the name we chose.
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85 Night Elf Rogue
Silwyth was going to name the guild BOOB but his sister told him to knock it off so he pretended to pay tribute to the old guild all the while still naming it (b)OOB.
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90 Human Warrior
Ha ha ha!
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1 Human Warrior
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88 Tauren Warrior
My guild name is pretty self explanatory - I'm posting here because I want to explain our guild crest.

Why is our crest an octopus? Because it's relevant to your mum's interests.
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40 Human Warrior
I wanted a guild name that implied that the members strive to wield the power of the Heavens.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
My guild is named after the greek god of love. I decided to join these guys cuz I remembered watching Hercules cartoon on Disney, this was when they still played cartoons. My favorite god from the show was icarus.

Ps. Celestial dreams and oob, pfft alliance scum
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90 Worgen Rogue
02/24/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Koho
Ps. Celestial dreams and oob, pfft alliance scum

Blood Elf.

Nothing else needs to be said.
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