[A] For The Alliance (Highly Orchestrated)

90 Human Warrior
Hi All!

Dez here! All of you may be reading this out of curiousity or intrest. But I am Dezrick, a protection warrior on Fenris. I am intrested in a monumental raid, but obviously, I need all of your participation. The date..Septemeber 30th at 8:00 P.M. (Fenris Server Time) I have an idea that even Hardwarlock could never fathom. I do not know about you, (The Reader) but I am mount saavy.

I am looking to gather not just players, but guilds to join me in a huge, epic, monumental raid! I have given a month of advance so that perhaps all of the players and guilds can get together on an adventure to kill all of the horde kings in one night! Yes, some of you may already have the mount, but even if I did, (which I do not) would want to be apart of this with a long-term advance notice. We as the alliance over-power the horde as it is, therefore I am not worried about them seeing this. If we all band together, there will be no stopping us.

Whether or not if they all come together, they will not be able to stop the mass of numbers. I do understand it will be a lagg-fest, but we WILL acheive something, not only popularity, but I myself do intend on making a post, AND requesting that it to be a "Sticky" post of everyone, and every guild that is involved. Some of the guilds on Fenris have their differences, but if for one night we can put them aside, we will undoubtly prevail!

So I ask you all, come together one night and let's kick some horde !@#!
Please sign up below, members, Guild GM's for your guild, or send me an in-game tell. I will need at least 3 full highly-funtional orchestrated raids with maximum attendance and coordination, but, the more possible I can get, the quicker this will be finished. I know that something like this seems impossible, but I know that all of you warcraft players (If intrested enough) will join this awesome raid, and we will prevail without complication!
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13 Worgen Priest
You know, you aren't the first to think of this, Hardwarlock did this already, and it failed miserably. There were 4 full raids with who knows how many alliance guilds and you guys got your butts handed to you. So go ahead and try. There is one thing that is gonna kill you every time you try this. Its called lag. It killed you last time and it will kill you this time.

Hardwarlock is a joke. I have ally friends on Fenris who use him as the butt of jokes so if you are gonna compare yourself to him be prepared to never live it down.

So go on with your brilliant plan and watch the hordies wipe the floor with you. BTW, alliance may outnumber the horde on Fenris, but the horde owns you guys. You have 2 maybe 3 good pvpers and thats it.
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85 Goblin Warlock
September 30th you say???... Send me an in-game reminder so I can dot up everything movin ;-)

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90 Human Warrior
I am not going to say anything about Hardwarlock. At least he tried, what has the horde done? Absolutely nothing. If I do get the numbers, it will not be hard for the fact alliance does outnumber horde on this server. Just for the coordination that Hardwarlock had from everyone made it extremely impressive. I guess we will just see how it goes.
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85 Draenei Mage
08/31/2011 06:22 PMPosted by Kif**%e
Nah Hardwarlock is a pro. And ally has the best pvpers on server. Ever heard of Spice?

I heard spice can't kill a feral druid because he lacks the FPS to get behind it.

Also I might come and lend some arcane mage deeps. It sounds like a big blood bath, and I'm always up for that.
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85 Orc Warrior
There is one thing that is gonna kill you every time you try this. It's called Guards.

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