Mutilate Glitch

43 Blood Elf Hunter
mutilate glitched and now is showing as trainable while its not. Thats all fine and dandy and I'm sure it'll get fixed or resolved or w/e later.

But imagine if it does become baseline.

Sub would still use backstab I imagine because of the shear damage it puts out.

Assassination would still use mutilate....of course.

But combat...combat would have access to a new combo point generator. Perhaps making mutilate baseline would be a good idea with a few tweaks of course.

It would kinda help combat pvp as it would increase its combo point generation drastically. It would give combat the option of using daggers rather than being pigeon holed into swords/maces/fists/axes. It would be a nice change.

I could see some deep talent that'd make mutilate viable with combat. Then a talent that would increase SS. Think like SMF vs titans grip.

Then they could add some new specialization ability for assassination that can spice up the spec a little. Maybe a pvp ability.

(while theyre at it they can add a talent in deep assassination that would make smoke bomb into poison gas bomb that stacks crippling, wound, mind numbing and 5 stack of deadly every second for 6 seconds in addition to its current effects.)
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90 Gnome Rogue
just checked if i could train it...i can not. that's good, we don't need more "nerf rogue" threads.
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43 Blood Elf Hunter
just checked if i could train it...i can not. that's good, we don't need more "nerf rogue" threads.

It wouldn't really change sub pvp. Which is what people actually complain about.

I can't imagine combat pvp being op with the simple addition of mutilate over SS, especially since the tree has talents for SS and none for mutilate.
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85 Orc Hunter
So it says you can train it but you cant? I just saw this also
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52 Blood Elf Rogue
ya i posted it on forum too,its on this toon and my brothers 85 as i wrote
and all the guild members have it too
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90 Undead Rogue
This glitch is really bad for assassination DPS.

Mutilate as it should be:

Instantly attacks with both weapons for 150% weapon damage plus an additional 201 with each weapon. Damage is increased 20% against Poisoned targets. Awards two combo points.

What is actually available to us:

Instantly attacks with two daggers, generating two combo points on an enemy. This ability should entirely replace Sinister Strike once you are able to use it.

Obviously there is a major DPS drop between the two.

Hopefully this is fixed SOON.
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28 Night Elf Rogue
Still not fixed. /Sigh
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
10/30/2011 10:34 AMPosted by Foxykit
Still not fixed. /Sigh

....of course not, there hasn't been a patch yet.

It's fixed in 4.3
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90 Night Elf Rogue
FYI I was finally able over the weekend to train mutilate.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
10/31/2011 11:18 AMPosted by Wrynnshy
FYI I was finally able over the weekend to train mutilate.

...As a non-Assassination spec?
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