Does anyone play WoW just to have fun?

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Okay, I'm sure this thread will bring out the trolls, the e-peen exhibitionists, and those that carry their ratings on some type of billboard for all to see... however... does anyone else just play WoW to have fun or is it now all about trolling, and flaming people because their stats / ratings / gear / (insert other non-life applicable, in-game only relevant stat here)?

I've played for a few years now on various servers, and during that time I've been a casual reader of the forums on here. Based on the conversations and general mentalities of the people that I've come across both in game, and on the forums, it seems that WoW has become nothing but a shell of what it was meant to be. Of course, there's a sense of satisfaction when you achieve a particular pvp rating, or down that epic boss, or acquire that "rare" item. But doesn't it seem that in the grand scheme of things (mainly life) that those accomplishments are only enjoyable because of the people you've played with in order to get there? And more importantly, does that accomplishment somehow make you better than those that haven't accomplished it? It's a game.

I understand it's a game which you've spent a considerable amount of your life playing and therefore your accomplishments in the game have a fairly high value to you. But for all practical purposes, you've done nothing more than complete a difficult task in a game.

No, I'm not ranting, I'm not "jelly", I'm not even QQing about anything. I'm seriously and honestly curious.

Is it the anonymity of the game (internet in general) that brings out the worst in the players with regard to interpersonal interactions? Or do you truly value your accomplishments so much that you feel that it gives you some type of right to look down on others because they don't have it? Or... has society in general devolved so much that this is the new expectation... the "haves" vs the "have nots" with 100% anonymity and therefore no accountability.

Either way, I will continue to "play" the way I always have... for fun. Sure, I may be a "baddie" that can't down X boss (hell, I've never even been in a raid before), and I may never exceed 1500 with regard to my pvp rating. But I still have fun. That's why I came back to Aegwynn. The first and honestly only guild that I have truly ever had fun with was (and still is) on Aegwynn... just a group of friends that get online, play, and if enough people are interested they do things together. No egos, no b.s., just good times.

Believe it or not, I am interested in your comments (trolls, top pvp'ers, top pve'ers, and casuals alike). I'm pretty sure I know what I will get, but I welcome it anyway.

-- Edit --

Just so there's no misunderstanding, I fully acknowledge the fact that the in-game accomplishments can be, and most of the time are done so while having fun. Please don't think that I am saying that you didn't have fun while doing those things. It's just that at some point mentalities have changed to the point where those achievements and accomplishments (along with the anonymity of the game) make the players feel more important than anyone else and human decency goes out the window.
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"Fun" is incredibly subjective -- I would argue that most people wouldn't play this game if they didn't consider their time spent playing fun.

Over the years, certain aspects of the game have become a lot less fun to me. Instead of quitting, I just quit doing those un-fun things (examples: arenas, dailies, leveling and gearing multiple alts). Now I only do things that I consider fun, and only with people I have fun playing with (raiding, occasional other activities). Other than that, I just log off and go do something else.

I'm in a fairly successful raiding guild and I've been in 2440+ arena teams, but my in-game accomplishments don't make me a better person and I don't look down on other people who play the game more casually than I do. I'm not sure who you're addressing with this post or what kind of flames you are anticipating, but I figured I'd offer some personal insight anyway.

There are some really egotistical jerkwads in this game, yes, but if you look anywhere on the internet you'll find the same thing. It's what happens in an anonymous environment populated with a high number of immature kids. Nothing new here.
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Your mentality is flawed if you think that you cannot have fun and succeed at the top level of the game.

I have fun by:
1) Playing with people I like
2) Playing the game well (completing end game raiding and until a while ago, high level pvp)

1 and 2 cannot be separate from each other, meaning that if I was still doing previous tier content as progression, I would not be having fun, no matter how many friends I was playing with. Conversely, if I ran with people I hated but was in a top 5 guild, I wouldn't take that as fun either.

Challenges are fun and that's the entire reason why end game (heroic) bosses exist, to provide a challenge that not everyone can do. Finding a group of people who think the same way allows for a common interest that we use as a foundation for a guild to accomplish these challenges.

Why do I even like raiding in the first place? I don't like to do easy things because there is no feeling of self accomplishment, regardless of how many friends I play with. Adding that feeling of accomplishment is what makes me play this game.

Just for the record, I hate this game outside of heroic raiding.

As far as the "it doesn't matter, it's a game" comment, it's a stupid axiom that people still use. Pretty much nothing in the world has an effect on your quality of life other than your career, this means that all hobbies, games, interests, etc you have are pretty much useless because the results of that don't matter whatsoever. This isn't true though and each person spends their free time doing different things and with varying degrees of efficiency.

Also you're just generalizing too much, there are MANY more people who don't flaunt themselves vs. people who do. The reason why you don't notice is because they don't flaunt themselves.
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OK, I ONLY play this game for fun. It is NOT the only thing I do for fun. I also dance, a lot: ball room, Argentine tango and swing.

I do NOT enjoy heroic raids. I do keep doing normal raids over and over again. I got bone tired of PvP. I love the early game content and exploring. I like RP as well. I am NOT a teenager (I am 57). I have raised two sons, both of whom play this game. Both of whom have other RL interests.

I have both Alliance and Horde avatars all the way up to lvl 85.

What's my point? That all kinds of people play this game for all kinds of reasons. There really are some uber jerk snobs playing this game. There are also some very real and incredibly decent people playing it. To each their own.

By the way, if you know of any East Coast server PvE or RP social guilds that you would recommend, please do. I think that WoW should put together a better approach to pitching guilds.
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Well said Deforest, I like the cut of your jib :).

I just love this game, so much so that I never tire of it and have an in game to-do list that I do not think I will complete :). I do not Raid (yet come on LFR tool). I have a small guild that I have had for years, it was full of RL friends and now I am looking to build it with friendly fun people.

There are jerks and snobs everywhere in life, but there are also great people everywhere in life to you just need to find them and that is half the fun.


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when i first started it was fun but now to be honest i only log in because there is nothing else to do.

i have lost my passion for this game and i constantly find my self making up excuses not to raid because i just dont enjoy it anymore im going to give 4.3 a shot but if it doesn't excite me i think im going to cancel my subscription.

there is just no content :
BGs are just un playable because of the amount of bad players or team balance e.g ally side has 5 healers we have 0
RBG's are fun to an extent but gets repetitive playing the same maps over and over
ARENA i just feel cheated coming against hackers more and more and it feels so unbalanced where shatter combos literally kill me in 4 seconds and double feral teams
RAIDING is just stupidly easy going in there spending 2 hours to clear the whole place on Heroic difficulty
DUNGEONS there is no need for me to dungeons except for fun but those troll heroics are so boring and repetitive not ot mention half the time you get players who have no idea what they are doing and i can clear the whole of firelands with my raid team faster then some groups can clear that place

so basically all i do is raid once a week on my toons, level new ones (which gets old quickly going through the same content) and AFK in org
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This game is pretty boring but complaining about raiding being too easy at 6/7...
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Players don't need to interact socially anymore. The game world is just a huge lobby where people await their turn in a queue to do something repetitive from which they expect instant gratification.

Amen to that. I found the start of WoW much more "fun" because you relied on your friends and guild members to accomplish attunement, farming a set piece or completing a hard quest line. I do enjoy playing WoW still, but it has mainly become something I choose over watching TV or something else I deem an even bigger waste of time.

I feel most MMO's eventually age through this type of thing, varying on time and scale. Nothing will ever be as awesome as the first time your guild beat Rag and Perdition's Blade dropped (or whatever). The first time through the treadmill seems to be generally be the most "fun" at least in my opinion.
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12k! aww
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92 Human Mage
well a lot of people used to have fun while this game was still like 1 year old, [im talking about when pve epics were impossible to get if you didnt actually raid, when people still used summoning stones, and when pvp was very hard] but as time went on blizzard said "hey lets make this game easier so more people will understand it and buy it" when they made epics easier to get, and they came out with the lfr and dungeon finder and the pvp finder, all those casual players that were like lvl 46 in 2006 with blues and maybe one purple finally got to the level cap and got the epics that they could never get, but that spark of people competing from vanilla never left the players that didnt quit, and to this day, players that think that they are having fun really arent, the wrath babies who joined at the beginning [like me] were used to easy gear, but those from past x pacs bought the competitive feeling to us, this will just keep going in a cycle with every expansion until the game has become so easy that someone who started one day could be full heroic epics maxxed out the next day.
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WoW is fun when you play with friends.
Me and my best friend set up our computers next to each other. All we do is chillax, throw on netflix on the tv and play WoW for hours on end, just doing random battlegrounds, arenas, whatever. We both recently re-rolled as rogues and we just go around ganking people.

If you want to have fun, re-roll often. :)
Variety is key. I mean, once I get full cata gear on this rogue I'm gonna re-roll as a dk.
Hell if you only played Horde, re-roll as an alliance, and vice-versa.

Try something new.
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While I do enjoy how easy dungeon finder has made getting groups and getting to distant dungeons I think it has completely destroyed the social aspect of the game. I remember back before I went on hiatus I always tried to befriend the tanks and the healers whenever I succeeded in making a group because I knew I was gonna need them pretty often (spam PMing tank/healer classes with the who tab of social was not very productive).
I just started playing again about 2 weeks ago and the only person I ever play with for more than a dungeon at a time is my friend who asked me to start playing with him again.
I have so many memories of that one funny mage I met and always played with when I ran dungeons and leveled.
The game has gotten slightly more dull with the rinse and repeat cycle that is queueing and then waiting (I actually look back on my memories of long walks to SM, wailing caverns and that one 40-50 outside gadgetzan or getting lost inside blackrock spire fondly) but moreso they destroyed the social aspect and that is what I miss the most.

It is less fun now but I'm sure once I get settled in again and maybe finally get around to getting an 85 or 2 I will find some things to do that I actually find fun. Right now I've been having fun leveling feral druids with my friend and jumping into arenas to smash some face when we are at the top of each level bracket. For me the fun lies in picking off those silly cloth wearin' classes.
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85 Troll Warlock

However, yes. Everyone must play the game to have fun, otherwise they wouldn't play it.

Whether you play it for the fun of being in a fantasy setting, or for the fun of being able to rub your dps in other peoples faces, your still having what you personally would call "fun".
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I play purely for fun. My days of raiding etc are long gone. Now I just log on to relax and maybe kill a few Allie if I can find were they are hiding. ;)
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90 Draenei Death Knight
Would Love for things to go back to how there where once ! no one seems to care about the goofienss that can be had in game! Or Flirting I usto have soo much fun just being a goof and firting but any more people are too dang serious!!!!! any allies Wanta do any runs or goof with me im me or mail me in game ta ta
Rev ;)
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100 Tauren Hunter
Yep all about the fun for me, and when it stops being fun i switch characters or turn on my xbox 360 or PS3 and then come back when WoW is fun again, usually doesn't take very long. there is too much B.S in life already to play video games that aren't fun, they have jobs for that LOL
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Its all about fat chicks for me ahahah
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