Newly Xfer'ed here after a 2 year break due to military
Looking for Arenas and Rated Battle Grounds

Decent Sub rogue just looking for someone to roll with.

A little on me:

Had all the major achieves but when I reactivated my account, many were gone. Have 2300'ish exp with a lock, but will be interested in a healer (still wont turn a decent lock down) and was a Gladiator on my Druid Atleus and Warrior Thalandor.

Previous Flawless Victor Title until they removed it.

Message me in game if possible
(Note: I have the S3 shoulders and weps to show I had the 2K+ rating - you couldnt buy those 'after the fact' like you can with arena gear now. You can also notice the majority of my achieves were two years ago, then all of a sudden I have some about 3 weeks ago)