We are a casual raiding guild that needs more pew pew in our ranks. Solid healers and tanks but we just cant get it done DPS wise. If you can help us be more like the cool kids, I would love to hear from you. Pst me in game on this toon or squiggie, or msg. wholepie, cidari, wishwash, or piehole. We have killed shannox as a guild and some of us are working on rags but not as a guild as we just don't have the DPS. Raid leader spots available, guild repairs, food, flasks, everything provided. Let's talk if you have any interest. Nazgrel needs to have less guilds and more people working to gether to progress instead of being so segmented into so many groups with 1 or 2 good players not getting anywhere because the rest of the group can't do their part yet. Thanks and good luck to all!