Things you don't want to hear healing PuGs 3

85 Draenei Shaman
This is the unofficial healer venting forum. Had a bad run? Come and post in here.

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85 Troll Shaman
Didn't happen while I was healing, but once while I was dpsing on my pally.
Get into a regular HoO, we're all 85-- tank immediately charges in for first pull and then there's mass chaos. He dies and I end up tanking the mobs one at a time while the lock and hunter keep others cc'd. As soon as we all rez, the healer goes:
"Tank... why are you still wearing lich king stuff?"
He had almost all WotLK gear-- purples in the 260s and 240s-- and one or two 312 cata greens equipped.
"Haven't gotten anything better from questing yet."

I checked his armory soon after just to see what was going on (his ret health was about 70k at 85) and noticed that he'd been through a number of VPs and Stonecores and such-- but had apparently never found gear better than his LK epics.
90 Human Paladin
Stratholme Service Entrance. Second time doing it tonight. I love that dungeon and I was having a lot of fun with my friends (2 of which are new to the game). So, everything is going fine except that this lovely little pally there (dps) decided to make his presence known.

Pally: "healz put beacon on someone."
My thoughts: First of all, I don't wanna be called "healz", second of all, it fell off 2 seconds ago...I will get to it. Trust me. It didn't slip my mind that much.

After first boss-

*tank starts walking away*
Pally: "tank get back here"
Pally: "tank"
Pally: "TANK"
Pally: "YOU SUCK"
I swear he didn't give pause between any of this.

Ofc my friend forgot to clear the crystal thingy. We make mistakes. Especially if it's your 2nd time ever doing something. But really, all that yelling? And before the tank even gets that far away? He just got off the steps. Me and my other friend (mage) let him know he forgot to clear it.

Then they both yell some "!@#$" and "gtfo"s at each other before I just kick him. He was quite annoying. First of all, not everyone knows everything like you think they do. Second of all, don't tell people how to do their jobs if you can't even do yours. He was one of the highest lvls there and his dps was less than half of everyone else. Idk it just bothered me. Had to say something to someone.
100 Night Elf Hunter

My thoughts: First of all, I don't wanna be called "healz"

This one drives me completely up the wall. Whenever I see a group in trade chat looking for "healz" my first thought is "not a chance."
90 Draenei Shaman
Oh, my wife and I did H Grim Batol today

Me as Heals, her as a Prot Pally, our first time there...we were excited, I'm not like way good geared, we only wiped 2 times, because DPS WOULD NOT KILL THE STUPID ELEMENTALS...and we kept getting 1 shotted, but other than that, it went great, I even had to CC the Malignant Trogg, because the DPS wasn't competent enough to do it /sigh
86 Human Priest
I dont know what it is about Grim Batol but it makes dps act like morons

First boss, we ask if everyone knows the fight (im healing on this character) and they all nod the mage said he does, he has done it on his pally. but he doesnt know what to sheep, the trogg
first red flag
we tell him. hunter you do it,.

Amazingly the hunter manages to trap a moving random path mob, but the trap gets broken and we mark the trogg as moon for sheep, the hunter kites the damned thing around half the fight, and we yell at the mage, sheep it please!

mage replies its the hunters job, ask him to do it
the mage then gets hit with 2 blitzes, dies on the 2nd

Mage also dies in the fire on 2nd boss, shield phalanx, and drops group after that

Healz!... thats not my name, do you see it on my character screen? am i healz the kingslayer?
No no im not, my name is nataleiya, ofc you dont have to say the entire thing, its time consuming, Nat is perfectly fine. first 3 letters. bam,

OH and another thing.. DKs with un-enchanted weapons!
How %^&* hard is it to go to the rune forging place and put an enchant on? Its free! it keeps you from looking like a mouthbreathing ^*(&^^%* and ups your dps

When i tell you, your weps unenchanted dont respond with yeah i know :) or i dont care priest :P like you are being cute, it will make me hit the VTK button faster than i can blink and if it cant go thru i leave, plain and simple
Its plain stupid! your there for gear, you obviously want your DK to get beter, but your too dumb or lazy to enchant a weapon for free? the best dps enchants in the game? really?

I even see DKs with landslide and hurracaine on their weapons, i wanna ./slap them!
Most of the time they are utterly horrible while telling me to worry about my own character
I am worrying about my own character because often your failings mean my death so its not out of compassion that i am openly mocking you in party chat, it is in the interest of self preservation.
85 Blood Elf Priest
Last night – vortex pinnacle

I zone in and our groups looks decent – Mage, Druid (tank), Rogue, Hunter and Me so I’m thinking YAY FOR CC!! <3

I ask right off the bat “Everyone know the fights?” everyone responds “Yes”, so far so good! I quickly inspect the druid tank who has nice gear (for his lvl), gems and spec :D
Just as I’m starting to think how nice this run will be the tank pulls and then he did something I have never seen before ....
He ran in as a bear and then ran BACK TO ME as a troll (just normal/caster form?!?!?) and THEN proceeded to try and pull all the mobs off of me (as I just pulled huge agro trying to heal him while he was running towards me in normal form) in kitty form o.O

I blew all my CD’s and somehow managed to keep everyone alive while having at least one mob pound on me the whole time. Needless to say I whispered the tank and politely asked what was going on? Even the rogue said something along the lines of WTF?!?!? He doesn’t respond and does it again on the second pull – runs in as a bear, runs back as a troll... not so fortunate this time and we wipe :(

Thankfully after we wiped he left group, we re-qued, got a Pally, finished and ran a couple more :)

<3 yay for happy endings and prot pallies

I’ve never played a tank or feral druid before so I don’t know if that is some kind of strat they use or if it somehow helps them tank but I have NEVER seen that before and hope to god I never do again! I assumed that it must have been someone playing on his toon as his gear, spec and gems looked good? Also I don't think I've ever met a tank who thought it was a good idea to pull a group and then run back directly towards the healer lol.
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85 Troll Priest
Anyone who takes the time to type out in party chat "HEAL ME"

Well really? THANK YOU for informing me that you have been taking damage. I must have totally forgotten it's my JOB to watch your healthbars and manage health!


I must have been distracted to not notice you were dying, there's a fly on my wall and I was hitting it with my face!

I was disctracted playing ping-pong with my imaginary friend dave, HE'S WINNING!

There, that's my one pet peeve when it comes to healing

45 Dwarf Shaman
I had this said in LK. (does not apply now)

"MY DPS is going to be low, i'm leveling up my axe skill."
85 Orc Rogue
*Tank pulls two groups and requires constant heal-spam to survive*

*DPS doesn't interrupt something or stands in something or pulls aggro on something and dies*

45 Dwarf Shaman
I get that alot... Had a Heroic HOO run, and a dps dies at the first boss, totally lets me have it for not keeping them up.. (rest of the party was fine) we move on, and she will still not let it go.. i finally say.. "you are talking alot of S*** for someone doing 5k dps"..... not another word from her.

*Tank pulls two groups and requires constant heal-spam to survive*

*DPS doesn't interrupt something or stands in something or pulls aggro on something and dies*

85 Undead Priest
"Do you think I can tank this in my PvP gear!?"


Anything a party member takes time to type out a message when they could be DPSing.

"I'm going to tank this in 80 gear because it looks cool!"

"Is holy the spec for tanking?"

"Can you explain this boss fight to me? -Before we fight a trash mob-"
100 Night Elf Priest

lol I had that happen to me as well.

A rogue kept screaming at me to BR him during Magmaw encounter.
19 Gnome Warrior
Had this happen last night, First boss in H SFK at 26% starts doing asphyxiate, I think that's great timing. Then a dps interrupts it before letting it tick, so it instantly transitions into dark angel form with everyone nearly dead. Manage to keep four people alive by outputting some serious heals. The response I get in party, from the same retard who interrupted it, "not sure if the healer is up to healing this."

Had another feral druid type afk a minute in party chat while the High Prophet Barim is transitioning into dark phase and he sucks everyone into the circle. Well of course he was just standing in there the entire time (I healed him for about 20 seconds before giving it up), then he didn't accept the subsequent rez until about a minute after the boss died. He made a comment in party about how he wishes the repair bills for groups came out of the rewards of healers when they let people die. I was quite speechless, especially considering he was pulling about 4k dps, but as I was typing "enjoy your requeue" in the vtk box, someone else had already initiated a kick on him.
85 Tauren Death Knight
I just had this happen on ZA. I pug in with a disc priest, warlock, pally, enhance shaman. Auspicious start, i forgot to turn on my blood presence after switching specs and was still able to hold agro fine.. Switch to the run up to bird guy, it's taking way longer then usual, but i'm not worried because the healer and I are both well geared. Get to Al, ask if everyone knows fight. Ret's first time, no problem explain it. Start fight. No one attacks the white bird.. Warlock dies because i can only kill so many before someone gets caught out in the storm.. Fight ends, warlock leaves, check recount, I'm the top dps.. with the priest doing about 2/3's the rets damage, which is fine because i don't mind carrying one dps, but not all three.. Get a boomkin. Proceed find to bear boss. We need to have a melee run out. I ask the pally to do since his damage is much lower and i'd rather have the shaman be on all the time. Shaman then calls me an idiot because somewhere in the middle of the last pull he said he'd run out.. I say sorry, explain why I wanted him to stay on boss. He calls me an idiot again. It then goes like this:
Me: "Dude, please don't call me an idiot. I've been beating you on dps this whole run and I'd rather have the pally run out so we can get through him as fast as possible."
Shaman: "W.e dude, you are an idiot. I said I'd do it."
Me: thank the priest and boomkin(only decent damage), apologize to the pally. Drop group, insta reque. Probably finished my dungeon before they'll finish that one
85 Orc Shaman
wtf heals?
90 Draenei Shaman
09/01/2011 08:14 PMPosted by Lunätic
wtf heals?

this. especially after we wipe due to tank/dps's stupidity.
1 Human Mage
Got another one:

I am on my lvl 70 raiding priest(this guild just picked up again), me and three guildies decide to do some lvl heroics for fun(and badges), our group comp is:
Me: lvl 70 disc priest healing.
Guildie tank: lvl 70 blood DK(decently geared for a DK, plus a beast of a tank), abriv. name: dekk.
DPS1: Warlock guildie, affliction, abriv. name: sorrow
DPS2: Hunter guildie, MM, abriv. name: jack
DPS3: PuG warrior, some half wrath half BC geared fury who wanted to try a BC heroic apparently.

We get H BF(joy, lotsa bombs), first pulls go ok, we get to the first room(with the 2 guys and 1 Imp), we mark the 2 guys for CC and intend to burn the imp, CC goes off, tank deathgrips the imp, warr charges the 2 others and uses WW...CC breaks, he gets pummeled, I throw him a PW:S and then go back to smite healing the tank. Warrior dies, warlock refears his mob, tank grabs the other one just as the Imp dies, and we continue the pull with no difficulties.

Warrior: Wtf healer!!
Me*while rezzing him*: You broke CC, so I gave you more healing than you deserved.
Warrior: You didn't heal me at all!
Me: I gave you PW:S....mostly for Rapture though.
*rez goes off*
Warrior: Heal plz.
Me: Nah, I think I will heal you with splash healing, should make you more conscious of how easy you are for them to kill.

Next pull, CC goes off, tank pulls the Imp, warr(at half health) charges the other 2 and breaks CC with WW again, I don't even bother with a PW:S this time, he dies, hunter and lock reCC and we finish the pull with ease.

Warrior: OMG, you just fail man...
*I begin rezzing the warrior*
Dekk: Umm, you are not doing the pull right and are breaking CC, he can choose to ignore you if he wants, you are intentionally making the pull harder.
Warrior: I can pull however I want.
*rez goes off, I throw a renew on him out of habit*
Warrior: Besides, its just BF, we don't need CC for this, lets zerg it!
Me: oh sh!t! I put renew on him!

He then goes on to charge the next group...then up the stairs, and into the room up there, he somehow managed to survive this(probably due to my insane crit chance(42%) and renew procing DA) but then dies in about half a second up in that room...and then Everything he aggeoed came charging down the stairs at me. The tank threw down D&D and popped Vamperic Blood, I throw PW:S on him and PS while I then got ramped up for massive GH spam with IF and PI. Our warlock started spamming Seed and our hunter threw out explosive trap and Multishot spam. PS wears off and I throw down PW:B, tank uses BS and IBF, I am still spamming GH, somehow keeping the tank alive through this. Cooldowns wear off and the tank starts getting pummeled, but I lose him after about 20 more seconds. Fortunately, the warlock and hunter had managed to burn the mobs to the point where the warlocks void(he had running around the entire time) can AoE taunt while everything is killed with just a few more AoE's and some holy nova's on my part.

While we were doing this, the warrior was practically Screaming in chat:
Warrior: You all should just quit the game!
Warrior: This place is EASY!
Warrior: I can solo this place on my pally its so easy!
Warrior: You idiots are such noobs!
Warrior: Ha! You suck healer, you couldn't even keep the tank alive!
Warrior: You guys are gonna wipe HAHAHAHA
Warrior: Noobs!
Dekk: Ok, that's it, I am vote kicking him.
Me: Please do.
Sorrow: OMG, yes, lets kick this idiot to the curb.
Jack: This is your own dam fault.

Vote kick window goes up, the reason is: You know why, I hit yes and he is gone. We queue for a third DPS....and its him again!

Warrior: Hey I was just in here, some noobs were being a bunch of pussies about pulling, and the healer sucked d!ck.
Me: We know you were, you just reentered the same group.
Warrior: AW crap, its you idiots again...*drops group*
Me: Ok, lets pester Audrid(a mage in the guild) to come...I don't want to risk getting that guy again.
Sorrow: Agreed.

So, our guildie mage came and we cleared the place a little while later. That place can be a piece of cake if done properly...but when done horrible gets many many many times harder...

Oh and someone now joined that priests ignore list that afternoon too...
Ive had someone give me crap for once in ZA on the Cat lady boss. Everyone knows how strenuous that fight can be, esspecialy when your just barely geared enough to join ZA. So middle of cat fight im healing barely keeping people up, dps are being careless and interupting tears about halfway through the cast etc. Finally she casts her huge wave thing and a dps gets hit by and dies. Rest of the fight he's screaming at me how im such a shi*y healer.

Dps: L2 heal you noob
Dps: Learn to keep people up
Dps: If youd had kept me up, I wouldnt have died from the wave!

... Needless to say i booted his !@# so fast you didnt even notice a change in my healing.
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