Things you don't want to hear healing PuGs 3

85 Blood Elf Priest
I usually don't have many stories to share, but this one just happened. Zoned into Heroic Throne of Tides. Was myself, Dk tank, and three dps (cant remember what class) Anway the run is going fine, no has died everyone is at full health each pull, dk tank is holding aggro, then this happened

DK: Lets not be a nub and bubble a dk tank kthks
Me: Dont bubble you
Dps1: You heard him dont bubble
Me: You cant be serious
Dps2: You have other heals use them
Me: Find another healer then
dropped group

I have no idea why they started to ask for no bubbles, and I cant understand why someone wouldnt want me to use my toolkit, but i didnt want to deal with it.

Edit: I did some research, someone had mentioned that it messes with their blood shield? Im not sure, but most other healers were saying to treat them as any other tanks. I have never had a dk complain before about bubbles and they have held threat fine.
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