Things you don't want to hear healing PuGs 3

100 Night Elf Priest
First thing out of the tanks mouth: Healz you know how to dispel right?

first thing out of my mouth is: You know how to jump right?

The tank's question was a valid one and you acted like a prick.
You could rephase his question as "healer do you have the dispel talent?" and you took it as a stab at your e-honor or something.

Just yesterday I had this cute little paladin who didn't spec into dispel magic and told us nothing as we got to the last boss on H VP (actually he said 'go go go' when the tank asked if everyone was ready). You see, I can't read minds and it would be nice to know that the fight is now super hard nightmare mode and I'm not allowed to make a mistake. We wiped due to people getting clinged through the fight and the healer not being able to dispel it. Once the healer finally admited not specing into magic dispel we just got wiser and avoided all clings and finished the run.

So no, asking if the healer knows how to dispel is not rude.

This is a perfect example of how people could just take 5 seconds more to think before they type to have a much better pug experience. Coming in as a new healer and finding yourself at the last boss in any dungeon is ALWAYS a bad sign. Then, to have someone questions whether you know how to play your spec just adds to the uneasiness, and people get defensive. If the tank had said "We're having trouble with Static Cling, do you have Dispel in your spec?" the healer probably would have reacted better.

Now, the healer isn't off the hook. The tank probably didn't mean anything by his question, and remember to give people the benefit of the doubt first. A good response could have been "I can Dispel, but it takes away from healing. If people time a jump or hop to right before the cast they won't get hit with it."

If either people are still acting like 8 year olds, wait for the start of the boss and /leave – at least you tried.

TL:DR - Be excellent to each other...and party on dudes!
100 Human Priest
Typically I have very smooth runs and have yet to be blamed for wipes when I heal. That is, until today. It was a guild run and I was the pug healer. Typical stuff in this thread, Tank does chain pulls without waiting to see if I'm even in range, rogue likes to stay in AOE and takes insane amount of damage, and doesn't bother running back during wipes. A few wipes due to stupid things that should never have happened to begin with, but I'm the odd man out, what can I do when they complain? I explain tactics that they say they already know, and just wait to be kicked from group. To their credit, they don't say much about heals after the first complaint.

Then someone goes afk and we keep pulling till next boss when tank says we'll wait for DPS.

We wait

We wait

He's been gone close to 10 minutes.

Finally I leave.

But the two things that really really get my goat. DPS that can't bother to eat up between or after larger pulls or boss fights, while I'm drinking and then expected to use up mana to heal them back up. And people who can't be bothered with running back and just assume someone will rez them.

I used to consider myself a nice person. I used to not care too much if people make mistakes, we all had to learn sometime. But that's when people used to talk in pugs. You know, communicate things like "I have never been here" and "I don't know where entrance is, can someone please rez me?"

95% of the time, I have a great group who know what they're doing and we fly through without issue or blame. 3% it's a rough group but people are good enough to say they're new 85's and not sure what's the difference in heroics. It's that 2%, however, that really... REALLY turn me into that jerk who doesn't heal stupid and my ability to rez is on cool down.
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85 Worgen Druid
My biggest pet peeve about PUGS - is the lack of courtesy. I do have a NAME - and as someone pointed out before, it's not hard to shorten it. Typing out Song is actually shorter than calling me "Healz" or "Heals" or "Healer"

Now, this wasn't a healing incident, but it definitely is too good to not mention.

Started leveling a lock not too long ago, qued for a Random and got Wailing Caverns. Our tank is a Druid, who is always in Cat Form.

Mobs are running lose, attacking everyone, trying to !*@! the healer. Knowing the pain of that healer, I spent the better part of my time peeling mobs off the healer.

We asked the Tank why he wasn't using Bear and his reply was, "because I like being a Cat". Myself and the Healer both explained to him that he needed to use Bear and why. His response, "I don't care, I'm going to play as Cat".

85 Night Elf Druid
My first post in here. :D Thank the loa this thread exists. It makes healing so much more bearable.

Anyhow, Zul'Farrak pug.

This pug's rather impatient rogue: "What happens when I click the gong?" *clicks it before I can explain*Gahz'rilla spawns* "Oh."
Only the troll group with the Hydromancer in it was killed, all the other ones are still up. I start at half mana, busting my butt to keep everyone alive. The squishy warrior tank (int and spirit mail gear... *sigh*) drops like a stone after pulling Gahz and the troll groups, the hunter seems to have gone afk and dies, everyone else falls after that.

The very same rogue: "Yo healer, what was that !@#$?"
Me: "I guess it was your brain giving up. Don't click stuff when you've never been in here before."
Rogue: "Whatever, diaf."
Me: *sigh*

We made it through without wiping again, although the hunter outrolled me on the int chestpiece I needed. >:(
85 Night Elf Druid
Being called "healer" doesn't even bother me that much, actually. I'm guilty of using roles/classes instead of names if I'm just trying to type fast and not stop to see names and how to shorten them. As a healer I call people tank, rogue, mage, etc. When I'm on my shammy I call the healer, "healer" a lot of times.

If people are all being social and actually talking in party I do start shortening names and using that, but I think calling out roles sometimes it's easier 'cus I've seen situations where you call out assignments by name, and the tank or someone else in the party are confused 'cus they're thinking in terms of roles/classes and have no idea who I was talking about.

Oh, a silly pet peeve? Being called "Pot". I know it's a short easy 3 letter abbreviation of my name, but people then start thinking I meant it to be "pot" as in weed, and it's not. Am happy most people on my server and all my guildies call me "Poti" instead.

I'll add in that I hate stuff like "REZ ME!!" insistently when we're still fighting, when I'm far away running back in, when I just Brezed someone and someone else is requesting a Brez, etc.
86 Human Priest
Hmm Potiara id think being called Poti, read phoenetically like potty might be a little anoying

I think i said it before, ill say it again, people who dont ask wtf to do before a boss fight an only after we wipe do they say, ive never been here before, OR if its a tank, who at the begining of the dungeon says, ive never been here before, then doesnt wait for an explaination and pulls bosses

then says, oh, didnt know i wasnt supposed to do that... might help to tell me that?

pretty certain someone acting like that is a dungeon griefer (if I cant keep them up, they did something majorly wrong)
67 Worgen Priest
A week or two ago I had my worst tank experience yet in Hellfire Ramparts. As soon as I zoned in, I saw the distinctive look of lv60 PVP epics on the Paladin Tank. A quick inspect showed that he was indeed using PVP gear from vanilla WoW in EVERY. SINGLE. SLOT.

Then, as if I didn't already have my work cut out for me, I see this in chat.

Tank: "lol gonna tank this in holy spec"
Me: "For the love of tacos, NO."

Of course I was ignored. He swapped into his holy spec and immediately started face pulling mobs without even drinking to get his mana back. I'm spamming heals like crazy barely keeping him alive as well as the DPS who are of course getting attacked because the holy pally tank can't keep aggro. Dude wasn't even healing himself. You'd think if he was going to insist on tanking in a healing spec he would at least heal himself, but nooooo. And while I'm doing all this work, he's stopping in the middle of a big group of mobs to type a message in chat telling us how "awesome" he is for tanking in holy. He does this several times.

So we somehow make it to the first boss and of course he just face pulls right into it without stopping. I pop a trinket and a potion (no Hymn or Fiend at that level) and, with help from the boomkin who dropped form to off heal, just barely manage to keep the group alive with no mana left and most of them near death.

I say 'mana' in chat and start drinking. Then I see this:

Tank: "Nah we good we got awesome holy tank"

He then proceeds to pull every living mob in sight and drags them to the spiral ramp. He's dead before I can even get him in range again. I try to keep the group up with what little mana I got back from those few moments of drinking, but we wipe. Naturally, the tank starts blaming me.

Tank: "WTF healz why u let me die"
Me: "You left me behind with no mana, moron."
Tank: "lies and slander"
Me: "You could at least use a real tank spec"
Tank: "ive been doing good in holy"
Me: "No you have not, please switch back to prot."
Tank: "plz suck my ****"

I have a higher level of tolerance for stupidity than is good for me, but I don't put up with personal attacks. So I waited for him to pull the entire hall again (which of course he did as soon as he got there), and dropped group.

After that I qued again and got an awesome DK tank (how rare are those?) and we did several dungeons in a row without a hitch.
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85 Night Elf Druid
First time that holy tank typed how awesome he is I'd just let him die, as I'm sure keeping the DPS alive without a tank would have been easier. If he died every pull for being stupid like that, he'd stop saying how awesome he is.

Hmm Potiara id think being called Poti, read phoenetically like potty might be a little anoying

Oh, that's not how we say phonetically though, lol. It's more like Poatie, but yeah, I'd rather hear Drood or Pot if they're gonna say potty. =p

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PuG Shannox normal:

Tank says:
"Hey guys, Im getting pretty low. Oh okay, theres a heal"
"Hey, I dipped down under 30% there, uhh ok"
"Hey guys, can I get a heal? Oh, there we go"
"Hey guys, I just took some damage"

100 Blood Elf Priest
"Are you ready healz???????"

"No. I'm just spamming renew, beaming a prayer of mending at the back of your head, and tossing a bubble on you with full mana because I have nothing else better to do."


Edit: because of course after reading this, I'd go into a pug and lo and behold there are idiots.
Setting: ZA, Jan'alai (3rd boss)

Mid fight:
Me: Tank the adds and then I'll consider it. (As of course, he was more worried about the dispels that weren't hurting him than doing his job and picking adds off the healer).
Tank: LOL
L2 PAY ATTENTION (I kid you not, he loved caps lock).
Me: Says the one letting the healer tank.
Tank: dps kileld second hatcher too late so some spawned on the other side
Me: Not my fault.
Tank: killed
Not mine eiher
Me: You worry about your job and I'll worry about mine.
Did you die because you weren't dispelled?
Thought so.
Tank: i had all other adds besides those 4
Me: Was I oom? Thought so. (Not like I was struggling to keep people alive and zomg the tank wasn't dispelled. Cry me a river.)
Tank: lol, bro, u mad
Me: Not as mad as you will be.

I then proceeded to pull the juggernaut pat immediately after the boss while the tank was tanking the lynxes that I had not healed him once since and then left when they got into proximity.

It's just amazing the trivial things that people decide to !@#$% about (and fyi, I only mentioned the adds since he seemed to be more absorbed in my duties than his own, so I figured I should do the same).
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85 Goblin Hunter
I wasn't healing for this run, but I witnessed this ridiculousness happen while dpsing on an alt.

Tank in mediocre gear in ZA (appropriate for the instance, but not rocking t12 or anything). We head towards Eagle Boss like usual. Tank proceeds to pull the ENTIRE gauntlet, last mob on the stairs included. Healer tries admirably but gets stunned by the mobs charging up the ramp, and the tank predictably gets splattered all over the floor. The rest of us follow...

Tank: WTF Heals? Srsly???
Healer: Just stop typing now, you'll save yourself from looking like an idiot.
Tank proceeds to rage at the healer.
Healer calmly replies that they pulled too much.
DPS promptly all agree with the healer.
Tank: WTF. Handle it. Learn to heal!
Tank drops group. We requeue and get a new one.

I wish there was a happy ending, but the new tank is a ridiculously bad warrior that can't hold threat over the healer's hots, and doesn't bother to attack or pick up half the mobs - leaving the dps to tank/kill the mobs that were trying to eat the healer's face. We finish with a few deaths and a few wipes... Healer was a total champ and extremely tolerant though, so props to him/her.
100 Human Priest
I always enjoy reading this...and I think these threads could teach me how to tank if I made one of a class i dont already have lol.
85 Night Elf Druid
This was quite a while ago, but it still bothers/amuses me.

I get into a ZA with a warrior tank who right off says that she hasn't tanked it before (but is sitting on fairly acceptable gear). I say that's fine. We do the first pull no problem, then the tank and I go off toward the first boss and start the gauntlet. Right after we start it, we noticed that it was just the two of us. The mage had typed "going to use hex sticks" (for whatever reason), the hunter and our last dps was goodness knows where.

Tank and I go at the gauntlet ourselves for five minutes (making very slow progress), and I notice the hunter and DPS#3's heath is going down. They die.

DPS#3 leaves the group.

Hunter asks why I didn't heal him.

So my response was "Why are you not with your tank and healer?" He leaves too.

We pick up two more dps, and all three (including the mage) joins us for the rest of the gauntlet (by this time, ten or so minutes have gone by, my mana is crying, my tank who came it at full repair was down to yellow items because of the consistent beating by 4+ mobs).

I think we killed that boss. Barely. We wipe on the pull before the second boss due to CC being broken by multi-shot then dotted in combination the tank's all-right gear. Why he Multi-shotted when there was CC? Because his normal group never uses CCs.

Replacement hunter leaves pull before the third boss, has to go to raid. We wipe on the dragonhawk boss because the dps couldn't figure out to a] stay out of fire, b] stay out of the fire-orbs, c] poor warrior tank couldn't grab all of the dragonhawks so I ended up tanking some. The rogue pug that we just got figured that was a good time to tell us he's never seen the boss before. Apparently, he's never had to move out of fire either.

At that point, it was raid time for me as well, so I left.

Edit: Story number two, and some stuff I got wrong.

Story two:
Pugged into the last boss of ZG. The tank and the hunter were from the same guild, a third person from their server. I'm a bit hesitant, but we go for it. Make it to P2 pretty easily. Then things went downhill.

Boomkin decided he was too cool to stay by chains, so those were wasted.
Hunter decided that he was put to better use on the chains, so ignored the shades.
The DK dps was killing chains (this one was fine).

I die due to having four shades hitting me. Had already popped barkskin and tree form.

The group wipes.

Hunter and tank asks why I didn't run from shades. I asked why they didn't kill shades.

Hunter says he's never had to do them again, but he will.

Attempt two. I die from three shades beating on me again, this time running from the shades while still being close to the chain that was being dps'd down. I had more hots on me than I had on the tank before death.

"L2H druid"
"healer's retarded"
"can't figure out how to run from shades"
"heal yourself"
Says my group.

The hunter thought steady-shotting the shades and leaving three on me was cool.

Attempt three. I end up having cooldowns up, standing on the only chain left with everyone else... and still die to shades. More mockery from the rest of the group as they try to finish it. They failed.

They kicked me before I could leave. I sort of wondered how many other healers they abused before it fell apart.

Oh, the fun times of being a healer...
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85 Night Elf Druid
me: hi, so does everyone know the fights?
them: a) no answer
b) yes
--wipe on boss and/or mobs due to lack of mechanics--

And this is terrible in H.TotT where you have the 2 healers at the end of the hall. Noone bothers to CC or interupt. Cyclone only goes so far there.
89 Troll Priest
In Arathi Basin...

Riding from GM to help heal Farm... get sapped, then a warlock and rogue use me as a DPS dummy. I keep myself alive long enough for a DK to ride towards me... I target him and shoot him a Bubble so he can at least get the damn lock off me, but the DK proceeds to ride past me. (By this time, Farm was fine. He ended up sitting at GM... We already had 3 bases on lock...) Luckily a Frost Mage rides past and sheeps the rogue, burns the lock down, then kills the rogue as well. I love that Frost Mage! Thank you, wherever you aaare!

I only PvP with my Priest (I don't think I can take all the insanely idiotic players from the PuGs like all these forum threads mention LOL).

I really do appreciate all you DPS / Tanks that help out your fellow healers. I know that when playing my Mage / Hunter / Pally / Lock, that if I ever witness a healer getting bashed on, I try and help it out.

It's the warm and fuzzy moments like those that make me love my Priest :)

Also... I hate it when players get on their mounts and press space bar making their mount growl, right on top of me as I'm drinking, telling me to cap them off.

Also... I loved it when that one hunter bandaged me when I was OOM in WSG<3
85 Human Paladin
Just got kicked from an H Stonecore (second time I've been kicked from a dungeon on a max level character).

Long story short, after wiping four times on the trash before corborus (something that I've never seen before, normal or heroic), the tank and his dps, who are both from the same guild, on my server, make big enough asses of themselves to land themselves their own all expenses paid seats on my ignore list.

Next, we somehow manage to wipe twice on corborus. This is when the tank seems to realize that I've ignored him, because after targeting me for a long while he runs forward, stops, retargets me, and then I get the EK loading screen.

Well, after dealing with that for my first heroic of the day, I decide it'd simply be better to not play. However, I decide to /who them, to see if they were actually making progress. Sure enough, they were then in Grim Batol. I /who them a few more times over the next couple of minutes, and find the Tank mysteriously winds up in Stormwind.

I guess that group wasn't going to take his crap, and his dps didn't want to risk getting kicked too. :)
90 Human Paladin
Oh, speaking of PvP, I was healing Twin Peaks once. Full pvp gear at that point, hadn't been there much but ctf is ctf.

The other healer and I were blamed for losing the entire BG because, and I quote, "Stop just healing yourselves, idiots." This was followed by the overused l2heal statement. Most of the other dps were smarter, but none of them were ever smart enough to actually try and get the flag. I ended up trying once, but the other team was too organized to do it alone. Coincidentally, this was also the reason that we were forced to constantly heal ourselves. I gave up toward the end and just watched people die from a safe spot since they'd all ran past me when I needed help.

Sadly, it wasn't until the third time I got grouped with the same loudmouthed moron that I finally gave up and ignored him.
100 Draenei Mage
I had a DPS rage on my healer the other day. My priest is A/AA Disc, so I was smite healing.

"Since when did healers DPS?"

I explained how my spec worked, and he goes on to say "I don't care. Stop DPSing". This goes on for a little while. Then that one tough pull shortly before the final boss in GB, I get silenced, and crap ton of damage hits me at once (I hate that pull with no CC, even on my tank), and me and another DPS eat it. That was enough for the one guy, even though he never died "Worst group ever", and drops group.

We get a replacement DPS, and destroy the final boss, with me almost coming in 3rd on DPS, and no one dropping below 80% health ever.

Oh, after he left, I mentioned "Good, he was annoying", and everyone else agreed. lol
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86 Human Priest
Smite healing rocks, but i havent gotten a group asking me why im dpsing, they are just angry that i am beating them on dps
85 Night Elf Druid
I almost never inspect gear unless something goes horribly wrong, but when the tank dies on the first pull with full compliment of HOTs on him then it's time to stare at the train wreck.
I was in Heroic DM when this very thing happened. The tank (a DK, why is it always a dk?) runs ahead and pulls before the dps get into position and proceeds to get absolutely pummeled by the whole trash pack. In party chat the tank says " Heals = utter failure".

Now I know I don't have all my gear 100% enchanted with the best enchants or gems, but I just respeced resto last week, and I made an effort to get most of it done before entering a heroic.

This tank on the other hand didn't have any enchants except on the 2 pieces of 359 he had. The rest of his gear ranged from 308 to 333 and not a gem was to be found anywhere. So I say he's pretty squishy and maybe we should consider some CC, and he gets all offended.

We end up wiping 3 more times before we get to the Foe Reaper,and RL mercifully ends my run and I drop group.

The real telling of this tale is the next day when I'm in Stormwind and I see the same tank broadcasting in trade chat his Heroic LK kill like a puffed up peacock. I've never gone to my ignore list faster.
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