Im sure that there has been alot of posts about this but i have noticed the lack of late night/early morning guilds or weekend guilds in general. i was just wondering if there was any out there with good progress in Firelands that is needing a few extra right now? a few of my good friends and i cant make our old guilds raid times anymore so we was looking for a new one we are all Ilvl 370+ with 6/7 firelands experiance. We have Resto/Feral Druid, Enhance/Resto Shammy, Arcane Mage and MM Hunter. Now that school and College is starting up for most it would seem that alot of people would start to have trouble with their guilds raid times so i guess to get to the point i have two questions first being is there any good raiding guilds out there that are actually progressing far into firelands that runs weekends or late night/early morning and could use me and my friends. or is there enough people out there like us that cant make their raid times anymore that would be willing to form a firelands raid group for each week that has the gear and experiance that we do and can still progress through the content