(6/7 Heroic) The Grass is Greener LF HPally

Hi all,

The Grass is Greener (6/7H, #1 Horde) is looking for a beastmode holy paladin for our core 10 man, which is starting H-Ragnaros attempts this coming week. You would replace our super sexy saiyan holy pally who probably needs a break in order to rest his back after carrying us to victory with heals I still don't really believe. Your first week would see you healing H-Ragnaros, so be prepared.

Our raid times are W/Th 6:30-9:30 ST, and Sunday 5:30-8:30 ST with an occasional 1 hour extension on Sunday if we're aggravated with a boss. Because we only raid 9 (or 10) hours a week, we expect timeliness, and focus for the 9 hours you're raiding with us - what you do for the other 159 hours a week is your own business. We have a VERY shallow bench, and no bench healers, so we must insist on as close to 100% attendance as possible, barring emergencies.

You can apply at www.tgig.org, or whisper Rocktall, Sacrelicious, Hidon, or myself (Curiae/Arguendo/Litigious) with any questions. The successful applicant:

1) Will be at least 7/7, preferably with HM experience. The more the better.
2) Will be ilvl 368+
3) Will be mature, responsible adult who can accept criticism without taking it as a personal attack, as well as be able to follow instruction when necessary, and of course, avoid rolling in fire. I hear this is a particular problem in H-Ragnaros. Part of this maturity includes not missing raids, whether it's due to homework you didn't do, a test you have tomorrow which you haven't studied for yet, your mother using the computer, or refusing to pay for your internet because you're jobless and she's trying to whip you into shape. Many of us are well out of college and don't really want to spend the time hoping little Johnny was a good enough boy to play WoW this week. That being said, we don't mind you being in school if you can show up and play at a high level, with consistency.
4) Will be able to two heal H-Rhyolith, H-Alysrazor, H-Baleroc (40k+ HPS, kthx), H-Domo, and possibly H-Rag (we are still working on our strat there). If you don't know how you could possibly do 40k+ on Baleroc, you probably don't know the encounter very well, and would not be a good fit for us.
5) Will be ready to plug in and immediately be able to perform on the 6 hard modes we have downed already - this includes researching the fights, knowing your roles (which we will give you) before you get there, and needing minimal instruction for fights we already consider silly.
6) Will know how to bubble-sac and AM, and switch beacons when necessary, and other HPally uberness. I dunno, I've never played HPally.
7) Will not object to random achievment runs we might do as a break from getting our butts kicked by Rag, like finally getting our mage Shard of Woe off Sinestra, or something like that.
8) Will be able to take a joke. And dish it back, as appropriate.

Again, any questions, let us know.
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You have it wrong Silent...I don't think we would be looking for people from Casual ><. We do accept other realm xfers though.

Luckily we have found a few recruits so problem solved.
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Holy !@#$, Silent actually took time to think about and write all of this down?? Thats dedication.
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That was an amazing breakdown. It should be stickied.

Silent... To recruit, try updating your wowprogress needs. One of our guys found us by searching 6/13 10 mans that needed a ret on wowprogress. Yes, he actually server transferred to Dunemaul. Now he is our officer of zerg recruiting to fill the guild bank with repair money.

Our Holy Paly is a drunk, but you have to be to get through 10 man heroics. I don't know how people do it.
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We actually found an amazing druid off server and we did find a great paladin as well. Thanks for all of your concern though, it means a lot that you all care so much.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Jeanjacket? I raided with that guy, he's a freaking !@#$%^-.

Good luck keeping those zerg invites with him in the guild berating any player who makes the slightest mistake (even when it doesn't kill anybody). Oh, and this was on normal 10 man BWD with 5/10 people in FL gear.

Also, this BWD raid fell apart after one person had to leave (right before the Nef fight)
Jeanjacket turned into a woman and everyone from your guild QQ'd and left, save for some druid.

Edit: Cuz gramer is hard
Edited by Alastrina on 9/15/2011 2:33 PM PDT
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Who said anything about Jeanjacket? This is the guy from SGIP that spams me with "How to" tells almost every week. I don't have answers for your bro...figure it out on your own...please!
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I'm sorry my guild recruitment posts don't meet the standard of the average 20 year old male, but having hired people before, I'm pretty used to being specific and using a certain format to look for qualified people.

In the future, I'll try my best to be as cool as possible. But that probably left me when I left high school, oh, more than a decade ago.
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I like pie
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