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100 Night Elf Hunter
Resto Shamans have everything the other healers have.. but its always better.

Wind Shear - Better than rebuke.
Spirit Link Totem - Oh my god..
Tremor Totem - Way better than fear ward and way less cooldown.
Purge - Better than Dispel Magic (14% Base mana Vs 16% base mana cost)
Cleanse Spirit - Better than all other counterparts because if resto it heals for alot. Still cost less than dispel magic.
Earthbind / Frost Shock - Snares for a healer, no other healer has one.
Hex - Target is still able to take damage, is a curse so most classes (paladins/priest) can't remove it off teammates.
Grounding Totem - No other healer has this, basically allows the shaman to get a free instant cast spell off without worrying about spell lock / counterspell.
Earth Shield and Riptide - Riptide, believe it or not, is better than resto druids hots and priests renew. Earth Shield lowers casting pushback and essentially outheals dot pressure on the target.
Stoneclaw Totem - Gives the shaman a shield that, as far as i know, cannot be dispelled and is just as good the priest shield (but unable to be put on the shamans teammates)
Ghost Wolf - Better than travel form and is a SPELL shamans can cast to receive the same thing priests must get 4 pieces of the PVP set to get for 4 seconds.
Being able to unleash weapon and drop totems while silenced/locked out.

Having higher armor than priests and druids.
Natures Swiftness - Lower cooldown than the druid counterpart.
Shamans GHW has a super low cast time and heals upwards of 80k crits in most cases.
Being able to cast while running essentially guaranteeing hex's vs a pillar humping opponent.
Water shield adding to shamans already great mana regen.

Where did you get this post?
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85 Human Paladin
Now now everyone, This thread was about hating my guild. I hope we can all get back to the core of this debate and rage about how overpowered blood death knights are and calling me a goon ret pally.
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
This conversation should have turned into legendary RP like on the first page, but then shamans had to exist =/
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