Yours truly on the front page of yahoo!!!


In case some of you missed it, this is back when I made the front page of yahoo:

Check out the date and the article. By the time I found out about the news on yahoo, it was moved to the entertainment tab, but it was on the front page for awhile that day. :-))

This was when the news broke that there was a multiboxer on Aegwynn that was multiboxing 36 accounts at the same time. Since that time, only one other player has attempted to go beyond multiboxing 10 accounts on live realms with fully paid accounts. But that player has yet to match the number of accounts I have. :)
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Internet Explorer
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You keep posting crap like this assuming we care? pretty pathetic.

You do realize that nobody in this game likes you right?
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Hey, I personally enjoyed going to the article and seeing the nerd bashing they delivered between the lines lol. Always fun to see a major site say that someone has a problem.

I don't think they can credit Prepared with being much of a WoW fan though since half his toons are n specs or itemization outdated by half a year.
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Keep up the good work prepared! AV with you is fun as hell!
-#1 fan
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Have you ever tried not being so arrogant? Maybe people wouldn't hate you so much.
Then again you may be the most successful troll ever.
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You spent 3300 dollars all together to buy the games with expansions on your 30 accounts.

You then pay 450 dollars every month and 5400 dollars every year.

If you want to pay that much to play a game where everyone hates my guest, keep wasting your money.
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Haters gonna hate
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Prepared (the BADdest player in WoW)

You finally say something correct.

Also the best PvPer will also be ranked 1 in RBGs and rank 1 in arena.
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This is getting old...
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Yeah, I was one of those that ran from Prepared when I was on that server. The reason we ran, was because we didn't want to lag out. I'm one of the worst PVP'rs, just not really into it, but I killed Prepared more than once in Wintergrasp. That's saying something if you got killed by me, not many people can lay claim to that.
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forget multiboxing.

Prepared talking in caps on /2 100% of the time > all of you
I approve this thread.
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