Yours truly on the front page of yahoo!!!


90 Draenei Mage
You're missing four enchants and a gem, unprepared. Any decent player would have these solved.
85 Goblin Rogue
You're missing four enchants and a gem, unprepared. Any decent player would have these solved.

Key word is decent which I think we all know he isn't.
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90 Orc Shaman
My opinion, FWIW

Skill Rating = 1 out of 10. You never duel, you don't have any arena gear, you don't do rated BG's. There are PVP tournaments every year, I don't see your name on the list. You didn't even participate in a duel tournament on your own server.

Ability to attract attention to yourself = 10 out of 10. I will give you credit on the fact that people do run when they see you - but like any bad movie, people run when they see the bad guy with 10 people standing behind him mirroring his movements.

Your ability to program what you do takes time, effort, research - hats off for taking the time. I'm sure the electronics setup throughout your house is entertaining. Your schtick, however, is old.

P. S. - please let us know what realm you will be on in SWTOR, I'd like to avoid the drama.
85 Gnome Priest

A video of one of your multiboxing wins today.
85 Goblin Rogue

A video of one of your multiboxing wins today.

unimpressive as always if he had any real skill he would be doing rated BG's, but since he doesn't have any skill he just rolls around in regular BG's. His world pvp skill is fail also but thats the only reason he is on a low pop server like Aegwynn if he was on a real server like Kil Jaeden he would get rolled untill he logged out and thats a fact.
Yeah, it's always fun to see just how impressed he is with his own fail. If he doesn't leave for SWTOR like he says he will then it will be funny as hell to kill him as all pandas >=)
100 Dwarf Death Knight
^^ Also read: I'm too scared to fight on a regular server

He likes to talk smack like we all haven't seen right through him for forever and a day.

And yes, we all hit the dirt hard when we meet the best pvp'er and so do you when you meet him.

You don't have to go to KJ or KT - come on over to AM - we'd love to pound you into the dirt. But it's ok, we know you're actually too scared to leave Aegwynn ;)

And if you still think you're the best pvp'er in wow: how come you weren't invited to do some live pvp'ing at blizzcon? Maybe cause Blizz thinks you're a joke too?
Yup, plain old fear. He knows he can not hack it on another realm. He is nothing but a fool with more money than sense. Sad really.

Well he does not impact my life one bit, he can stay or go I do not care.


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I got 2 things to say about this. 1 it isnt against the terms of service to multi-box 40 toons. Also we get it by now he wastes his money on those toons. But hey whatever floats your boat. We all don't have to complain about it just ignore the fact that hes a giant show off and leave it at that. To Prepared grats making on the front page of yahoo because you're the only one that multi-boxes 40 toons in warcraft. Something to be proud of.
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Just wondering: why is that something to be proud of exactly? It's not that it can't be done, it's that others don't waste the time or money doing it. it doesn't take much more skill to do it than to do 3-5 if you have it set up right - and he uses a lot of automation - don't be fooled.

It takes more skill for a 3-5 account multiboxer who actually knows his toons and can play them well then it does for this scrub to run 40 and just hope he can overpower the 1-3 toons he fights.

Most times I've been against him outside of TB -which he cheats to win by putting his own toons on both sides andn afk'ing all his allie toons outside of ICG - I've blown him up - hard and fast.

So again: it's really nothing to be excited or proud of. It just means he has money, not skill. I have money as well, but spend the surplus on my family, faith, charity, etc... - not 39 more WoW accounts.
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impressive as always good skill in regular BG's! His world pvp skill is good also but thats the only reason he is on a low pop server like Aegwynn if he was on a high population server like Kil Jaeden he would get rolled untill he logged out.

The only difference between the Alliance on Kil'Jaeden and the Alliance on Aegwynn: nothing

You all hit the dirt hard and fast when you meet the mightiest PvPer of the World of Warcraft. Come to the best realm, Aegwynn and then we'll see how fast you die. I'm not moving to a worthless realm like Kil'Jaeden. Just to destroy the same stupid alliance players.

lol why would anyone come to Aegwynn home of the fail? You want publicity then come to KJ and fight Ruinous they are well known and I would enjoy watching 2 giant groups of fail fighting.
I assure you they have way more HK's than your crappy guild of one. So man up or shut up Prepared. No one is impressed by your sheer numbers and need to cheat to win.
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Well again the yahoo page said " Biggest World of Warcraft ADDICT" . That's something to be proud of prepared be proud. Also Duel me any time one on one. You probaly suck.

add to that. BIGGEST WORLD OF WARCRAFT ADDICT EVER <<<<<<<<<<<<<< be proud
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lol dude ur not a good player

u just say ur good cuz u control 30 ppl at once, if i had 30 chars at once i would be better than i am, anybody would, duel me pansy i'll wreck u
90 Orc Warrior
Ultimate troll or delusional?

You decide.
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