why it pays to not be a douche

90 Human Warrior
Ok, maybe it doesn't PAY. BUT:

So I'm on, like, my 15th alt, a druid who just banged 80 and is now in vashj (because where the heck else does a druid go at 80?), and out of the blue, I get a group invite from an 85 druid.

Now, I'm not great, or even terribly good at wow in general, but I can rip through quests fairly quickly with no help, but I figure not everyone can, and I don't mind helping, so I accept the group request. I ask the druid how many more items he needs for the quest we're both on, after about 15 seconds he answer back "2", so I smoke the 2 mobs he needs, then we both hand in the quest, and get the next one.

I'm generally pretty talkative, so I'm chattering away & he's not saying hardly anything at all, and is having some trouble following me as I zip about (go go glyphed aquatic form with sea legs), so I slow way down. And despite the fact that he's doing like 1/10th my dps, I don't care, I'm happy to help.

We go a long a bit, & suddenly the toon stops and pauses a few moments then says "you were playing with my 9 year old son, thank you, do you need any help?"

Now, I reflect back on how people get impatient and just rudely would have dropped group, or said stupid things like "god, you're feral, why did you just starfire, you scrub" or some other stupid thing - and I feel pretty good about the fact that I'm NOT a douche (as long as I'm not pvp'ing ;-)

Anyways, stay safe.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
The first thing I wanted to say... But I refrained, but I'll say what I wanted to say because of my inner jackarse!:)

/heres a cookie!

/hug, just funnin!
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90 Night Elf Druid
And you, kind Williame, are one of the few decent people left in WoW. :-) Good job, sir!

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90 Human Warrior
nonsense. Many many folk are decent folk. But alot of them have been slapped around too much by the axiom of no good deed going unpunished.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Very good point. It is just difficult to distinguish these days ... I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but some days it is harder than others! ;-)

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100 Human Paladin
What can I say hun? You tend to have better luck when being helpful then I do. ><


(What? Its not my fault I has too many 85s. BTW Check out my new sword. )
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100 Night Elf Druid
Great job. See if only more people were helpful and patient this world would be a much happier place.
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85 Draenei Warrior
Williame is super awesome and has been super awesome since...vanilla WoW. Long memory!!


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85 Troll Hunter
How does it work?
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Great post--and yeah, I have to admit that some of my most memorable Wintergrasp PVP sessions had nothing to do with wins or losses--it was having Williame around. (And those were times when I was usually on alts... you were always a team player with everyone.)

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20 Human Rogue
I'll take one Willame over 10 Asto's anyday
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90 Worgen Druid
never reward bad behavior.
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85 Blood Elf Mage
My first toon was a undead rogue. It was a long time before he got to the highest level available at that time. I spent may hours going back to low level areas to help people level. I would Make armor for them (leather), buy them bags, weapons, or just about anything they needed within reason. I don't know how much money i gave away but it was a lot.
My guildies would give me a hard time because it took so long to level (the grief they gave me was all in fun. They were good folks).
I have maintained this habit on other servers and toons.
Most of the people i helped were appreciative, and i really liked to help them. I enjoyed, and still enjoy the game, and wanted to help people so they had a good experience so that they would enjoy the game as well. I always stopped to help someone if they were overwhelmed by mobs, or close to death. It didn't matter which faction they were I just helped.
It really doesn't cost you anything to help someone, and you can make some really good friends.
If you start getting bored with the game go to a low level town and start helping people for a while. Think back to when you were starting out. When I first started the game it would take forever to make just one gold piece, and bags were hard to come by also.
How many bags have you just deleted because they wouldn't sell for much in the AH?
another player just starting out would love to have them. When you are in town inspect lowbies. Some will have some really sad equipment. You can craft stuff for them or buy some stuff on the AH, then just mail it to them. Tell them you just wanted to give them a little boost. I assure you most people with be very grateful for the help.
Just the way i like playing the game. I figure there are a lot of people who probably think I'm nuts, but I'm sure there are some who will try it out. No matter which way you decide I hope that you enjoy the game for a long time.
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Why don't you have a seat over here…
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87 Blood Elf Rogue

Wow, I really was that drunk. Carry on.
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100 Orc Shaman
yeah back in late BC and early wrath there was pleanty of folks like this... but as of now its like 1 in a million and i respect anyone who is =D
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85 Worgen Warlock
Once upon a time I was questing in Western Plaguelands. The quest I was on I had to find the Inn which Chromie was in. This was before WoW was remade for 6 year olds so there wasn't a marker on my map.

So as I was wandering around killing things I saw a PvP flagged warrior. At the time I was Horde ya see.

I can't say I didn't consider the obvious but then again I really didn't feel like PvPing nor did I feel comfortable flag jumping him. So a few more minutes of me wandering around bumping into things and suddenly I get a whisper from some level 12 character. "Hey, what are you looking for?"

"Oh, uh I have this quest, I need to find the Inn."
"Oh ok, I know where it is, follow me in a sec." " Just promise not to kill me ok? :)"
"LoL, yah I won't. Don't worry."

So he logged back over and led me over to the Inn. I /wave and /bow etc.

Why did that stick in my mind all this time? I have no idea but I thought it was nice. He may deny helping out someone from the Horde but I don't know. Obviously he was there questing too. Williame was about level 54 if I recall correctly.
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90 Human Warrior
Williame, shut up.
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90 Human Warrior
08/10/2012 03:18 AMPosted by Bèthrèzèn
Williame, shut up.

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