<Giggity Giggity> needs ppl for 10m progress!

85 Tauren Paladin
<Giggity Giggity> wants some more people to join us for raids!! The guild as a whole is new to raids. Guild Master, Dufraine, has completed all original Cata 10m's and 5/7 FL bosses. Dufraine is in the process of teaching raid fights to other guild members. If you are new to raids and want to learn, then come and join us! If you are experienced and want a guild to raid with, join us and help us progress! We all have a flexible raid schedules and raid on different nights of the week at different times. We currently need 2-3 healers, a few dps (currently no locks, shammies, dk), and a tank with dps offspec (dk preferred), but all others are welcome!! Have vent and website (giggity.guildportal.com)!! Hope to see you online!!
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90 Troll Mage
We are the perfect guild for you if;

1) You want to raid, but no one is giving you a chance because you have no experience
2) You enjoy the social aspect of wow more than just soloing content (or pugging with strangers) for loot.
3) You want to try playing a spec that isn't the most absolute optimum spec at the time.
4) You don't want hardcore players picking apart every action you perform, and choice you make
5) You want to play in an environment where you're not afraid to ask someone for help.
6) You don't want to be gkicked if you need to dissipear for a few weeks.

We have 135+ Members, a core group of 20+ VERY active members and at least one expert (most playing since vanilla) for each class. (Except lock, need a lock expert please!). We LIKE helping people, and no matter how clueless you are about this game, no one is going to make you feel bad about it. We have a bursting to the brim GB full of useful stuff, and a liberal policy on withdrawls, we roll for loot and don't play favorites on who gets what, you show up, you roll.

We also have a core group of 6 hardcore PvPers, that mostly do arena and bgs, but are hoping to get a few more members so we can do RBGs!

We also love grabbing a quick group of whoever is on and doing old raids! We take down OS 3-drake once a week for the mount, and just recently 6-manned the lich king!
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