Good Day to everyone, This guild was created about a month ago with some people that i work with and got to join the game and we have decided that PVP is what we like to do and as such we are looking for like minded individuals who want to experience rated BGs, Arenas, and regular BGs. You don't need to have any PVP experience or anything like that we are going to have fun while bringing the fight to the alliance so even if you have a pvp alt that you play once in a while but want people in guild who will join a BG with you this is the place. Send me an in game mail or whisper me online and we can get this ball rolling.

P.S. we all live on the east coast and play later in the afternoon (after work) and after we spend a couple of hours with the significant other. so we get on around 7-8PM eastern time and are normally on for several hours