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100 Orc Warrior
There are tons of ways to do a fight. Everyone does it differently. Here are notes from our strategies. (Heroic mode only, not explaining the entire fight just some key points.)

The real trick with this fight is resetting the stacks on the two dogs. Killing a dog is not required, and even if you do they respawn after about 30 seconds.

Rageface: You have to use the freeze traps on him and then run 60+ yards away to reset his stacks. This means that the entire raid moves. We have a dps (with raid assist) use the following macros to mark where the freeze traps are so people can find them easily. Other than that you just have to switch to him quickly when he facerages on someone.

/click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton
/click DropDownList1Button1

You can replace ''Button1'' with any of the following.
Button1 = Square (Blue)
Button2 = Triangle (Green)
3 = Diamond (Purple)
4 = Cross (Red)
5 = Star (Yellow)
6 = Clear All

Riplimb: Early on in the fight there aren't enough freeze traps to use any on Riplimb. You will have to reset his stacks through clever kiting. I keep him about 60 yards from the boss. When a spear is thrown I intervene to my healer who is standing midway, and then charge to the boss and continue running about 15 yards. Glyphing charge helps. As soon as the dog turns from chasing me to retrieve the spear he becomes slowable. Make sure to keep him slowed. Oddly enough he can't hand off the spear while the boss is in motion, so if you need more time have the MT strafe move the boss (beware cleave). Later in the fight there are enough freeze traps to use one on Riplimb.

Killing a dog is not required but can provide recovery time for your healers or an emergency reset on stacks. Riplimb only has 5 mil hp, so we have people dot him up in their spare time. This takes him to about 25% fairly easily. Then if stacks ever get out of control we just turn and burn him in about 15 seconds. We don't use this much anymore, but we did on our first couple kills.


We use two people to kill spiderlings and explode broodlings outside the raid. In their spare time they dps drones. It is helpful for everyone to have ''Threat Plates'' (mod) so they can see when a broodling is focusing them bc some will get past your soakers.

For the three ''up phases'': We send 2 dps up the first time, 1 the second, and 0 the third. The reason for this is the amount of dps we required on the ground to handle drones. In between each up-phase use a CD such as DG, AM, etc. Make sure that they are going to be back up for the final phase.

Taunting spinners down quickly is important. They do alot of raid damage. Having a warrior tank down below is useful since he can machine gun taunt via vigilance on the tank up top. Even then you will possibly need some assistance from whoever on the ground that can taunt. The faster the better.

The drones randomly focus a player and attack them for a short period. Their damage is reduced during this fixate so the person won't die. Where it becomes tricky is if it is fixated on someone dealing with spiderlings/broodlings. You need to have a plan for how you are going to handle this bc drones cannot heal from eating spiders or you won't have enough dps. We do various things to get the person away from the spiderlings fast enough. Depending on the comp we've used lifegrip, feign death, lock portal, combined with knockbacks and shockwave stuns.

It is all about add control. Force-explode the broodlings away from the group. Keep up on drones without them eating spiderlings. Taunt down spinners quickly.

Then you push into the last phase. Her damage increases. Form a triangle with the two tanks as points and the raid stacked behind. Tanks switch every kiss. First round I tank I blow minor cooldowns (shield block). 2nd round I blow major cds (shield block then shield wall). Third round you give it whatever you have left (call for sacs, pain suppression, w/e). Meanwhile the raid begins rotating cds when it becomes unbearable to heal. AM, DG, RC, personal cds, healthstones.
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100 Orc Warrior

Almost identical to normal mode. You can have a dps (we use a frost dk) tank fragments. At least 2 dps fulltime on the legs with others dotting and assisting when able. When he hits 25% the adds will despawn. This means you can pull your dps off them early, bloodlust and focus legs to push him the rest of the way to p2. I think we pull off the adds with about 30-40 seconds until superheated. You should get 3 stomps in p2, use a cd rotation.

It is possible to 2 heal but doing so will make p2 more difficult.



1 dps up top. Put raid flares down on either side of the room for reference. If you need extra dps it is possible to 2 heal as long as everyone is a pro-dodger. We use 3 healers.

The first set of feathers should be used on the person going up top and the healers. DPS can grab one after firestorm.

Make sure to focus fire the meteor so that it stops rolling as close to the center as possible. When she is going into a tornado phase you don't need to kill the previous meteor. Have one person giving a 10 second call on firestorm so no one misses it.

Tanks can use dps trinkets, flasks, and food as their incoming damage is low and their output needs to be high (80-100k dps).

We use cds and bloodlust after the first tornado phase when she huddles on the ground. We don't use any dps cds for the second huddle as we've found we need them afterward to get the adds down fast enough.
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100 Orc Warrior
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100 Orc Warrior
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100 Tauren Druid
These can be inserted into the Boss tactics Add-on with other packs that include Photo maps of boss layouts. can also place markers on ur boss maps for Dps,Ranged,Tanks.

/pro Thread
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