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85 Worgen Death Knight
Ok i have tossed around the idea of RPing for a while now and am looking a EST time zone server which Understand SwC is so a few quick questions

How is the RP at normal hours like id say 3pm to 9pm

Second, are there many people who try to put Rpers down? i read a few posts and this doesn't seem like its the case

Third, im really noobish at RP and character development would i be persecuted for being a noob Rper or would i be welcomed as a new player(in the RP world)

Fourth, Are there any nice RP guilds on Alliance side that would be willing to take me as a new rper

Thanks for your time reading this and maybe ill see u on the server if i do join steamwheedle cartel P.S This is my first time posting in the wow forums so i was really nervous typing this so please excuse grammatical error
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85 Night Elf Druid
How is the rp: Only as good as you make it.

Are there many people who try to put Rp'ers down: No. Unless you're on the horde side, then stay away from trade. Ally is roughly the same but I've seen more events ally side.

Being noobish: Better then not trying at all, you can always bother me if I'm around though I tend to be on alts.

I always recommend "The Embassy" towards the avid RP'er. Syv \o/.

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90 Draenei Hunter
Lemme say dis 'bout dat...

<The Embassy> puts together quite a few RP events. Random pick-up RP... n'ae s' much.

I believe <The Cartographic Society> is more in that line, though I have not verified that. <Einherjar> has a monthly craft fair [with RP] and I believe they run ongoing RP within their guild. There are others...

We just had a Worgen DK join us. He and a long-time member got into a guild chat discussion of the ramifications of a backstory for such a character that got so deep into lore that I dropped my jaw! I don't think it should be that hard, but I respect the fact that is exactly what gives some people pleasure in RP.

<The Embassy> has been around since December of the first year of WoW. I've lost track of how many years that is.

We have members [all of them epic RPers] that have not been ongame for 5 years. They will remain on our guild roster and if they ever return we will welcome them and help them readjust to the new world.

What I am saying is... on a spectrum of extreme hardcore to extreme casual, we gotcha covered.

As to what we are: we are the Stormwind office of the Argent Crusade/Dawn. The ingame artifact of our headquarters is behind the SW orphanage [next to city hall]. The sign at the door still reads "Argent Dawn". The real world reason? I guess Blizzard forgot.

Our reason?

They flew in from Icecrown, gave us a shiny new "Argent Crusade" sign and flew off. When they had faded into the distance we took down the new sign and put up the old. Nobody has noticed...
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85 Undead Priest
The Wyvern's Tail in org is usually RP filled. The occasional brawl happens but we have a bouncer ready. For Alliance, it's usually the Blue Recluse.
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85 Goblin Priest
Thanks f'r th' heads up! I'll park m' trike there.

When are good times t' catch some action there?
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