Time Lost Proto Drake (TLPD) Watch

90 Night Elf Hunter
I've been camping for the tlpd for a while now, and haven't had any success. I'm wondering if anyone else has been looking for him/camping and has any information that could be helpful? E.G., last time saw/killed. I'm currently camping for Ankha - but once I have him I plan to return to waiting for the tlpd.
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5 Tauren Druid
ive read that it shares a cd with aeonaxx..now idk if that means if one is gotten the other doesnt show or it just had an identical cd but the cd itself is never confirmed but is has been said in theory anywhere from 6 hours to 30 days.ive read many sites about it but this one time range seems to come up alot.also when i 1st seen this dude with aeonaxx i wigged out and was camping his spawn for 3 weeks and my spirit was broken so i gave up.then i heard some dude on horde side got it twice in one day and had to delete the second one<<<referring to aeonaxx.
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90 Human Priest
I killed him 2 and a half weeks ago. Here's all you will need to know when camping him.

-The sites (including tlpdresource.com) are wrong about his timer being random between 4-24 hours or w/e they claim. There is no way it can be random because most of the kills (80% or more) occur in the 8-12 hour window.

-This is what I believe from logging over 30 Vyragosa kills myself, talking with other farmers who were collaborating with me, and looking at numbers posted online: Once Vyragosa or TLPD is killed, the chance to spawn again starts immediately but at a very low percentage. As time passes, the chance to spawn increases steadily until 12 hours where the chance is at peak. After that, the chance to spawn exponentially decreases until 24 hours when the timer resets. Remember: there is only a CHANCE to spawn so it's not gaurunteed some of the time. I have never personally seen a spawn before seven hours or in the 14:30-30 hour window. I have seen two times where the spawn timer was just over 30 hours (examples of it not spawning and the timer reseting). Also most of my kills were logged around the 10-12 hour mark.

That should help anyone serious about it.
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90 Human Paladin
I got him after non-stop camping for a week. I was lucky to have the time to do it. Find one spot and stick to it. Keep track of your Vyragosa kills because you will start to notice a time pattern. Once you know she is dead, either by you or someone else, sleep for about 5 hours. I camped on the tree at the frozen lake. I almost messed up the day I got him because I flew off on one of his flight paths to see if he was somewhere else, then I got a weird feeling and flew back to my spot. As I came around the corner, there he was. It was around 2am on a Saturday but time is irrelevant as it will be different for you I'm sure. Every time Vryagosa spawns a number is rolled, for instance 1-99. If it's number 1-98 Vyragosa spawns, if it's 99 it's TLPD. Not sure of the exact mechanics, but that's how it goes. That's why he could spawn twice in a day, or never. Hang in there. If you really want him you'll eventually get him. I also used NPCScan and that helped when I was afk for when Vyra popped up. Good luck with everything. Watch movies, clean, do whatever. Just don't go afk and get booted or miss a spawn. Figure Vyra spawns between 5-22 hours or something like that. Sleep after she spawns. I've yet to get Aeonaxx because I don't have it in me yet to go through all that again and it's been 6 months. lol
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90 Human Priest
To clarify some things: I'm not trying to knock on you Angel, but no one knows the exact mechanic, not me and not you. Also the game does not perform a 'roll', and it is not a 2% chance to spawn the TLPD. TLPD resource has pulled enough information from hundreds of kills to say that it's a 1 in 7 chance (this is a fact). Talking with a few farmers, there were three to four TLPDs in the past week which is awesome. One farmer saw a 45 minute spawn timer so your 5-22 hours theory is wrong. There is no minimum spawn timer.

If it were a roll, you'd often times see extremes. (back to back spawns or no TLPD spawn in months). That is not the case and Blizz isn't stupid enough to put that type of mechanic into a spawn. It's on a consistent (but in its own sense random) pattern. Read my previous post for probably the best theory that in my opinion is the most accurate. I do agree with you that it may be 22 hours where the timer resets and not 24 (24 seems more logical, but 22 would match the theory I've posted a bit better.

Hope that helps you all.

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90 Orc Hunter
Killed mine shortly after Mesaba, definitely not something I would go for unless you are prepared to dump a lot of time and tears in to camping.
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1 Orc Hunter
Killed it, 20 minutes ago.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
I had been camping him here and there for about 6 months but never saw him. Last night I was just doing a fly by in Storm Peaks not even looking for him and boom, there he was right in front of me. I aggro-ed him in the air and he followed me to the ground and pretty much one shot him. I guess it's true that when you aren't looking for something is when you find it!
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100 Undead Death Knight
Every rare in Northrend is linked, which means when you kill one the likelihood of another rare spawning is increased. TLPD isn't connected to Aeonaxx IN ANY WAY WHAT SO EVER or any other rare that isn't in Northrend. It's minimum spawn timer (recorded) is 45 minutes, but that's a very rare occurance, and would most likely require a team hunting and killing rares in Northrend. I've heard the best time to camp for TLPD is a day or 2 days before the server resets. Can't guaruntee because I have nothing to back up that statement, it's just a common tip I've heard in the past.

Now that we've cleared that up, I'll give you some of the tips that I'm aware of.

It helps to have a friend help you when you're farming, since no spot covers all four flight paths. Just position your friend that covers the 3 interloping paths (which excludes one of your paths). While you cover your 3 paths (which excludes one of your friends'). You can just google the flight paths. The best spot if your camping alone is probably frozen lake. Covers 3 flight paths and a spawn. Most people camp there so if it's too crowded it's best you leave that spot and try one of the other three. Definitely don't suggest flying around Storm Peaks because you're much less likely to find it, because it can fly at a descent speed and it will most likely hit frozen lake or another common camp location before you even see it.

Obviously you want to use the NPCscan and SilverDragon Add-Ons but I probly don't need to tell yout that.

I was camping TLPD on and off in small pieces for maybe 9 hours total. I actually logged in asked the general chat if Time-lost had been seen, and not even 15 seconds after NPCscan went off and it flew right in front of the frozen lake spawn.

Well I hope my advice and input helped a little bit, feel free to add anything I may have not mentioned, and Happy Hunting! :D
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
I've looked and looked but since Blizz has done the cross realm thing everyone has access to the same thing. Meaning Ally and Horde has access to ONE TLPD. Etc same with Ore and so on. So !@#$% at blizz.
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84 Night Elf Death Knight
I've been camping this motherf***er forever and it seems impossible for any rare to spawn.
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86 Draenei Shaman
I Just seen him, but was already dead on Proudmoore Server 6:50pm EST
just in case anyone's keeping track
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