Petition to merge Hakkar with another server


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Blizzard. Please do something about the state of our server. I log on at various times during the day and search to see how many people are logged on both Alliance and Horde sides. The results are alarmingly low. In the past there have been many attempts to repopulate Hakkar by offering free transfers here from other full population servers. This sounds great, but in the end the results are the same. People come to Hakkar and see how dead the server is, then they transfer out. So the free transfer here idea isn't working. How many times are we going to transfer people here before we try something that works?

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." -Albert Einstein

From asking around on both sides, the only reason people are still here are because of the following:

(most common responses)
"I don't have the money to transfer off"
"Still hoping things will get better"
"I'm too deeply invested in this server and don't want to lose my gold"
"I barely play anyway, so I don't care"
"I'm quitting so it doesn't matter to me"

So, people can't afford to leave, are hoping that Blizzard will fix the situation, or are casual or quitting. To the people who don't care because they are casual or quitting, a low pop server might be alright for them. To the rest of Hakkar's population that want to progress in raids and pvp, it is simply not fair. The players here want better game support. We pay to play this game, the monthly fee is supposed to help provide game support. Where is the support?

I present to you a petition by the population of Hakkar, to either merge our server with another server; or give us all free transfers off Hakkar and close down this server so that no new players have to deal with the issues we have dealt with for so long.

Members of Hakkar, if you agree with the statements above please reply and show your support. Blizzard, I eargerly await your response. Thank you all for your time.


EDIT: Sad find here, we are the 3rd least progressed US guild. Ouch!
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I concur
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This is extremely accurate. There is only 1 25 man raiding guild on either side. This is due to the fact that there is no one to recruit for 25 progression. For free transfers to work there has to be some type of server progression. Most people do their research prior to transfering. If possible please help the servers pop issues.
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I have to agree with the above posters. The server population is dwindling at an alarming rate, as more and more players and guilds are transferring out to higher population servers.
you arent going to get blue post attention by posting on realm forums.
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Lavache, I myself rarely use these forums. Where would you suggest posting? I appreciate your input.
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I completely agree that something needs to be done. I do understand there are many issues w/ server mergers (toons w/ same name, guilds w/ same name, etc....), and that giving us free xfers off is probably not going to happen (Activision would lose too much money from this to let it happen).

I personally would prefer free xfers off though because it gives us a choice of where to go and we can pick the best place for us.

Anyways /support

Edit: Lavache, this is where the GM's tell you to post your issues w/ realm pop and this type of thing. Go open a ticket and see for yourself.
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I couldn't agree more with Alchamire's statements. I, along with most active players on Hakkar, feel somewhat neglected by Blizzard. We keep hearing that things are being done to rectify the very low population situation, but it seems to me that it's getting worse, not better!
I have a pretty large list of friends on Hakkar, but the list is dwindling at a rapid pace because my friends are leaving for more Raid opportunities on other servers. I don't really want a free transfer. My plea to Blizz is for a server merge with 1 or more other low pop servers. Quit neglecting us Blizzard!
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I couldn't agree more. This topic ( applied to all low pop servers ) can also be found

/signed a customer asking for support
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-Signed, already moved two toons. Thinking about quitting.
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Also, Alchamire, people stay in Hakkar because friends they don't want to leave. I totally agree with the merge. I've already moved some of my characters to other realms, the only reason I still have characters here is because I know a lot of people here.
@ Lavache: If you don't have anything useful to say, just stay out of it. Many of us in progression raiding guilds have ticketed GMs to see what we can do to address the situation. All the responses have been "Get as many people to complain as much as possible on the realm forum". This is what we're doing.

Now on to my post....

Looking at this as a Raid Leader of a progression group, something needs to change. Hakkars Raid progression overall is EXTREMELY low in comparison to other servers with a higher Population. Most of this is not due to a complete lack of raiding ability on players parts, it is due to the lack of exposure to content and overall exposure to raiding.

I've got a few characters spread across higher population servers, and I can tell you, trade chat on those servers is much different than Hakkars. You go to a server like Tich, Kil'Jaeden, Hyjal etc. and there are constantly people posting LFM FL/BoT/BWD/To4W etc. People PuG this content, which in turn helps people get into entry level or higher raiding, and get better gear when they cannot commit themselves to a full time raiding schedule, or they just hit 85 and are new to the game and don't know very many people on a server, therefore cannot get their name out there to the right people of where to look for raiding.

On Hakkar we do not have this going on, and when we do, seldom are they complete PuGs or mostly PuGs with some alts of people who already know the content. Often the people who join these full PuG runs on Hakkar either do not know the content and there isn't someone qualified to lead them through it, are not geared enough, are not experienced enough, or lack the personal responsibility to be gemmed/enchanted/reforged properly to carry their own weight in a run and work towards success with others.

This also is a big downer for many of us weekday raiders who have decently geared alts that actually want to raid current or previous tiers FOR FUN on the weekend, or off days during the week. If you look at many of the top 1000 Progression guilds, almost 100% of the raiders in their main group have an alt OR MORE, that are geared from previous content and current content that they can pull into a main progression group at any time and still be good enough for progression to enhance the Raid Comp for fights that are less forgiving on a less balanced, flavourful Raid comp, all for the sake of progressing as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately, many of these options are not available to the current higher end raiding guilds, because there just isn't the demographic and population to succeed in these aspects of the game, which therein make progression raiding harder to manage, and the overall quality of life for those wishing to push harder for progression without taking on a complete Hardcore mentality within their guild and Raid group worse.

In addition to these problems, one of the other larger problems is recruiting and back-ups. Because there is so little population here, there is even less thirst for raiding. When there are less than 150 people actively raiding per faction on a server, it makes recruiting, or getting people to run back-up spots, or even introducing a "You sit out this week, this person comes in" rotation even harder to manage. The reasons for this are, certain guilds just do not progress very far, so once a few higher progressed guilds make their way into harder content, any type of replacement or back-up is hard to find because the gear/skill/experience levels are on such different levels. Here and there, you may find a diamond in the rough, but on a server already starving your chances of that are very few and far between.

This situation also puts a large block on progression raiding in that people are not at risk of losing their current raid spots to others who out perform them, or show more effort in their research, being prepared, researching and knowing how to play their class. When I led raids back in BC on a higher pop server, people were always telling me what steps they'd taken that week to better themselves as a raider, and would always do their best to prove they DESERVED a raid spot, rather than a raid group just having to deal with what is "Good enough" at the time because they have no other options.

That's my view on the major problems this server has with Raiding due to our low pop.

For the Lazy TL;DR:

Quality of life in raiding is terrible on Hakkar, too difficult to recruit good people, no replacements, people don't strive for their best, can't get the right raid comps, can't gear alts, people can barely PuG T11 full clears, let alone PuG FL. Raiding quality on Hakkar is at an all time low.

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I agree with Alchamire!! I quit the game right before ICC came out and decided to come back for Cata but wanted to start on a new server. While my friends I and were searching for a new server we wanted a medium population server, we picked Hakkar because it showed it as a medium population server. I feel like even then the population was low not medium as suggested. But I was already invested and did not want to try and find a new server.

Free transfers are an option, but I ultimately think that a merger with another server or two would be the best way to boost our numbers! We pay to play this game with old and new friends but as the weeks go by our server is shrinking even more.

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I'm one of those players that don't care either way. I transferred all my toons here a couple years ago because my friends were here. Now they have transferred off because the low pop n wanting to progress raid/pvp wise. I'm just getting back into the game, it'd be nice to see a merge to be honest.
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Very well said Candybox!! You have raided with me and most of my guildmates and your explanation is very accurate. If you are not in Survival, Tainted Morals, or another guild that has decent progression you do not get to experience the satisfaction that comes with progression with your guild mates. For me I have been invited to join both guilds that raid and progress on a weekly basis but I have my own guild that I want to progress with and have worked my butt off to try and maintain and start raiding in the FL. Unfortunately most of the talented, geared players are in the above mentioned guilds leaving guilds like mine to try and find half way decent players to raid with and hope that we can manage to get some type of progression or even do the T11 raids without a hitch. Which does not happen very often!

Or, you have other guilds that watch other raiders invite them to their raids if they are in the FL then convince them to leave their current guild to go raid with them. After the guild they left has worked to help gear, enchant, and gem them out to make get them ready for the FL.
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I fully agree with Alchamire, and I for one have been on this server for too long. Since the Latin server population move hakkar has been dead, and it is really sad and close to depressing at times. With all of my personal and physical investments it is impossible to want to leave, but at the same time it is impossible for me to enjoy the game of World of Warcraft to it's fullest. I recently was able to invest money to transfer one of my 9 toons off of hakkar, but I still find myself sitting around in empty hakkar due to the friends I have on there. I believe it is wrong for us to pay 25 dollars to transfer each toon. Can we please have free transfers off hakkar or a sever merge. It is really pathetic when it is saturday night my time, and there is only a matter of 32 alliance 85s online.... I for one play a lot of alts to pass time waiting for Blizzard to do something, but nothing has been really done that is successful since the downfall of hakkar once all of the Latin players got free transfers off. Please help us Blizzard.
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signed cause this low pop server is bullcrap at most times its need to be fixed
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Just merge a few lows to a med and boom. Problems solved would make recruiting easier for all guilds and so on and so forth. AH would see a spike in the available materials it be almost like playing a completely new game. Then offer a service to ship the people who want to stay on the low pop all to the same low pop. Something needs to be done though.
I 100% fully support this petition.

My husband and I transferred to this server. Paid to transfer three of each of our toons and as you know, that is expensive. We transferred when it showed it was a medium population because the server that we were currently on was low pop.

We picked Hakkar not only for the medium pop, but because in trade people were friendly and the trolls were at a minimum. Now however, there is hardly anyone in trade and finding people to do anything with is hard.

We have chosen to simply level a few alts and to PVP for the time being until something changes. Something does need to change, and I agree, we all pay a monthly fee to play this game and we should get the support that we need. Pretty soon, if nothing does change, more people will quit and Blizzard will lose out on money. It would be in the best interest of everyone involved if either free transfers were given, or a merge would take place. Everyone wins then.

Hopefully Blizzard will take this into consideration and give the support to the players that we need.

I give Alchamire props for starting this petition. Hopefully it helps, as we all want to enjoy this game!


Anuket =)
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