Question on server and my playstyle

85 Tauren Druid
I'm curious if the atmosphere on this server would suit my play style better than where I'm at now.

Honestly anywhere is better than where I am now (Gul'dan... I think bottom 10 in server population) However my guild still raids, so that's not as much an issue.

Back to my original question, so I've raided most content across various characters from beta until just before CATA, and while I wouldn't say I'm "retired" from raiding, that's definitely not my driver of playing enjoyment anymore. I still enjoy dungeons here and there, but I really enjoy working on achievements, pets, mounts, and various other fluffy stuff in the game now. I'm also working on old reps to try to get the exalted title, and just for the sake of it.

Does this sound more akin to what people enjoy on this server? Everywhere else I've been is either hardcore pve raiding, or hardcore pvp.

I wouldn't mind trying my hand at some roleplaying, because honestly I think doing that correctly is way harder than any raid I've ever done in this game. =)

Would choice of alliance vs horde matter either? I seem to see a lot more active alliance on these forums, but that's hard to make assertions from.

I've considered going alliance to be a worgen feral druid, so that's an option.

Anyway, just curious. Thanks.

(Oh on a side note... I played DAOC on a roleplay server for 3 or 4 years before wow came out... and used to have a lot of fun with the balance of roleplay, pve, and pvp.... I miss some stuff from that game like guild houses, personal houses, and a real sense of community. Wow was a big change because "instanced" content seemed to kind of mess with the sense of community many felt back then /nostalgia off LOL)
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90 Worgen Hunter
I would say that yes, this server does seem like your type of thing. It's rather laid back, and while we do have guilds that do put a lot of effort into PvP or PvE, it isn't as hugely competative and hardcore as other servers I've been on. There's more "multi purpose" and RP guilds than strictly hardcore PvE or PvP guilds.

I know several guilds do have their achieve and mount runs. Sovereign Sages has a weekly mount run through all the mount instances. Bad Kitty often has "Funsies Nights" in old instances.

As for Horde vs Alliance, I couldn't really tell you about Horde, but what I wrote above is from an Ally perspective. I've heard RP is more prominent on Ally than Horde.
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