[H] 361 feral tank LFguild, nights/weekends

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Been playing wow for a long time, not new to raiding. I work during primetime of 4-10pm mon-fri server, so I'm looking for a guild or raid that regularly runs either on the weekends or late nights. Honestly, now that I think about it, even a raid that's during the middle of the day would work.

It doesn't have to be hardcore - although I'm no stranger to that style of raiding and would welcome it - but it does need to be a regular raid scene of people who want to act with basic work-ethic. Show up on time, fully gemmed/chanted/reforged, food buffs, flasks, addons, vent, etc.

I personally have just returned to wow and tanking in cata, so I have no actual experience with any of the cata raid bosses. I do, however, read strats, watch videos, and know my class. This toon has been lvl 85 for only a week and my gear is already on par for normal mode raid tanking, if that gives you an idea of how I play(yes 371 pvp gear is better for bear tanks than 359 PVE. Look it up.)

If I sound like someone your raid can use, hit me up in game or drop a reply here. Thanks in advance!
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Up to 365 now, tanked FL trash many times and brushed up my tanking skills. I'm confident I can handle any boss in FL without too much effort. Might take me a time or two to REALLY know the fight.

But I'm guessing by the complete lack of response that weekend guilds just don't exists on Daggerspine?
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There's like 4 respectable guilds that actually do FL content seriously. Every other guild that recruits does like 4 bosses in half guild/half pugs.

There's just not a lot in Daggerspine period.
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It just sucks being a fairly decent player who's willing to not only tank, but look up strats, watch videos, show up on time with flasks and food, but have to ditch all my friends on the server to go play with australians on an oceanic server so I can actually raid.

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Ill comment on this.

But i think it deserves a seperate thread
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