Resto Druid LF Weekend guild

85 Worgen Druid
The Basics

Age: 34
Name/nickname: Jonathan Kidds
Timezone: Central - Texas
Character name: Kiddsforever
Spec: Resto
Raid-relevant off specs? Moonkin off (working on gear)
Professions: Herb/Alchy (Transmute)
Current realm: Ysera
Armory Link:

Computer Specs, etc.

1. What are your computer specs and your home and world latency on Shadowmoon?
*I have an iMac (yes a Mac) 3.1 GHZ Intel Core 5 8 GB Memory 1G Video

2. What is your average fps on a 25 man raid encounter during the fight, and how low are your graphics settings to achieve this?:
*My graphics are normally 40-55 Server and World and my settings are set to Blizzard recommended settings of FAIR.

3. Provide a link to World of Logs or an equivalent record. Screenshots are not acceptable.
This is the only log That is showing up at this time due to logs not being run. THis was a kill I went in to assist a friend on and was a simple BWD boss.

4. Please provide a screen shot of your UI while in combat. If you do not have one please join a BG and obtain one that way.

5. Explain you're gearing, gemming, profession, and enchanting choices.
*Professions Alchy for stone, increased flask duration and Herb, well to pick the herbs to make the flasks and such. If i had a way to get the herbs though, i would drop herb and pickup something else like enchanting or tailoring perhaps (something that doesn't require a partner profession)
*Exhalted Shoulder enchant. If you're not an inscriptionist then this is a must, no reason not to have it
*Exhaled head enchant, its the best one for me at this time INT/CRIT
*Gems used to match meta, reds in most sockets and a few int/spirit

9. If you’re a tank, describe your threat generation cycle and how you’d move a mob you're tanking. If you’re a DPS, describe your DPS rotation/priority list. If you’re a healer, describe how you raid heal and how you tank heal. These explanations should be detailed.
*Lifebloom 3 times on tank
*Nourish to get my Harmony up
* Throw some rejuvs on raid
*Nourish again to keep my Harmony up and refresh LB stack
*Hot a melee and swiftmend for Efflorence
*Wild growth on cd

*Lifebloom 3 times on melee target and a rejuv
*Nourish to get my Harmony up
*Rejuv & Regrowth high damaged targets
*Wild growth on cd

6. Explain how you use your cool downs (including basic class abilities, talented abilities, trinkets, and consumables) to maximum effect during a boss fight.
*On high AOE fights like Aly (bird boss) I open with a nourish ( to activate harmony) and then a tranq to stabilize raid
*Trinkets on CD increased spirit, other alchy stone.
*Innervate on CD ( I pop it early so it will be up again early!

7. What are your previous guilds (include server)? Why did you leave them?
*I currently and in Continuum US Ysera we raid Tue Wed Thur 7-11 Server. I am still in that guild and my toon for that guild is also a Resto Druid!

8. What is your previous raiding experience like?
*I have been playing wow since Vanilla. I have cleared all content from Vanilla, BC, Wrath and Cata when it was current. Most achvs are on my main Kiddsworgen Ysera (resto also!)
*I have never been absent from a raid, ever. I even played during a hurricane. Yes, it was crazy, but I cant get my epics if I don't show up now can I?

9. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.
*Oh my.. I think I am rather intertesting.. I cant think of one thing, so here are a few things that are true
-I am very dependable and honest
-If I say I am going to do something I do it
-I play wow to raid.. If I am raiding I am happy
-I raid to us to win, not just me
-I like water, not just a glass of water, like 2 gallons of water a week!! Ridiculous I know!
-I will be a friend to you as long as you are to me
-I try to not get caught up in drama
-I love my druids ( I have 3, all resto)

10. What is a good way to contact you?
*The best way to contact me in via Forum reply or Real ID
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91 Human Hunter
09/18/2011 02:20 PMPosted by Kiddsforever
-I try to not get caught up in drama

What's wrong with you?
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90 Human Warrior

I think you might be a good fit for 1 of our raid teams. we raid on Sundays 7:30pm-11pm server. We offer guild repair, cauldrons, feast and other raider incentives upon completion of new raid content. You can reach me in game or thru our guildlaunch site

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