Blizz, please save Hakkar!

09/25/2011 07:35 PMPosted by Joegreezy
before you nit pick at my life with simple wow nerd stereotypes do your research. I have a life, i'm in school and I do go outside lmao Just because I take the time to actually enchant my gear and min/max my character off of basic knowledge shouldn't automatically assume I have no life, I probably spend LESS time on this game then YOU because, I dont RAID anymore... I only PvP, when I want with whom I want.

Actually, I can say the same thing about nit picking. WoW is a casual hobby, that is all. I don't raid either. PVE, not my thing. PVP is what it's about.

09/25/2011 07:35 PMPosted by Joegreezy
I don't have a ego man and you're right it's not hurting me but it's pathetic the way you go about it.

First off, not a man. Second, how is it pathetic for people to want change, therefore strive to change it? Pathetic? I think not. It's realistic. One person can do a lot, you just need a voice.

09/25/2011 07:35 PMPosted by Joegreezy
Enjoy your misery.

In all reality as a casual player, and one who doesn't raid, there isn't any misery at all. Yes Hakkar is a low pop server, and yes it would be nice for them to do something about it, but misery, nah. High pops, not my thing.

Anyone can spend $25 to transfer a toon, however if you have more than one toon, say three that you play a lot or even if you have them simply for the professions, that gets expensive. Everyone works hard for their money, it doesn't matter how much money you make. Do I want to spend $200 on transfers of characters, nah. I'm sure nobody wants to. This thread is simply to let Blizz know that the people of this server are unhappy. If you don't speak up, nothing can be accomplished.

Congrats to you that you are working and going to school, not many can say that. If you see fit to spend your money to transfer off your toons to a different server, then so be it. Not everyone is in the same boat as you. Some people have a job yes, but with this economy, they live paycheck to paycheck. Priorities come first. Kudos to those that put real life before this game. Those are the people not happy about this, those are the people whose voices need to be heard. If Blizz chooses to listen, again so be it. If they don't, I will say again, at least someone stood up and tried to do something about it. This is what this thread is about.

Again, Happy Playing!!!

Anuket =)

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Nah not lazy. Seriously you know my type? I am not loyal to my comrades? WOW have we met before in person or something? Because I really do not understand how you know MY type if you have never met me? Hmmm very very curious indeed!
Well it has been fun reading your rant and rave Joegreezy feel free to come back and troll the forums again =) It has been very fun indeed!
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09/25/2011 07:45 PMPosted by Joegreezy
Your wife and you? Oh wow, case closed.

Btw, lots of couples play WoW. In our last guild there was a couple in their 60's that still played. You don't have to be single to play a mmorpg. =)
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Also having to link a youtube video to make an !@# of yourself lol bravo to you boy!
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The server don't matter.

No matter the name of the server it's still Azeroth everywhere you go. It's all the same little blades of grasses, mountains, peaceblossom, veins, mobs, auction houses, scum bag players like myself.

If you also leveled a lot of Alts, well like I tell my worthless friends, keep your @%@! in your pants and stop creating so many new people in the world. Keep it minimal.

Casey Anthony them characters 1 by 1 till you're just left with your main and move up out that !@#$% and start a new life.

If you aren't willing to pay the 25 dollars then I understand, but if you need financial assistance capital one has a new credit card out that has a 4.9% interest rate for the first 6 months, so you will get a good rate and you can pay it off before the interest rate sky rockets to 21.99%

Hakkar till we D I E
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300,000 players quit because of Deep Freeze?


But yea. Save Hakkar. Blah blah blah and all that fun jazz
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What I am missin Joe is why troll this forum? This is the second step players are tryin to improve the low pop issue. Congrats you left and was willing to pay the xfer fee. What your really doing here is running your mouth and tryin to get people to follow what you and others have done. It is appearant that the people on this server are not going to just tuck tail and run when things get down for their different reasons.

You are making this forum turn away from the intent. If you want to keep talkin down to people cause we refuse to pay more money please take start another topic on the forum. Other Hakkarians please dont respond negatively to what Joe is sayin or provide your justification. Just keep up with the petition and think of ways to actually help the server or give ideas to blizz that dont include giving them more money.
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Hi Joe! Miss you buddy! Remember a few years ago we had a short conversation? In conclusion we decided that we need to: say more with less! :)

Seriously though, back on topic. Hakkar has a low population. Wish Blizzard would do something constructive to fix the longevity of Hakkar. Thanks everyone that has taken the time to reply and support the ideas with in this thread, even if it is a losing battle and no one is ever going to read it. Its at least nice to have a public QQ fest. Doesn't fix anything sure, but at least it helps with counting how many people are actually on this server.

Maybe we should make one huge super guild on Alliance side? We have so few guilds that are actually in Fireland and seeing the content. Not sure how all the other guilds are doing, but I know TM is always LFM for 25 and 10 raids. Survival is doing good in 10 mans and has a few heroic bosses down, and they do RBGs. Knuckleheads does mostly arenas I think. Order of Ancient Knights, Brotherhood of Wolves and Dargon Slayers all have a hand full of bosses down in FL as well. Am I missing any guilds here? Anyways, maybe we should just make one big guild so we can actually get organized with what few people we have?

Just throwing some ideas out there. Ultimately we are left with only a few options:
1) QQ about it and hope Blizz does something.
2) Quit WoW (yeah like thats gonna happen for any of us).
3) Server transfer.
4) Work on trying to make our server better.

Easier said than done, but if you don't have a knowledgeable or skilled crowd of people, some times you just have to take the time and train who you have.

P.S. Joe, stop trolling us bro! Leave my people be! <3
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I used to be on Hakkar i was there for 2 years. I started day 1 when it was added to the lists. we had incredible guilds and people and fast progression through Naxx 40 man. Then people started leaving and blizzard did nothing, then people started /uninstall, and Blizzard did nothing, then it got to the point where it was a recommended server for fresh starting noobs (REALLY A 2 YEAR SERVER BEING A STARTER SERVER?)

to avoid TL;DR Hakkar needs some help to aid the people that have shown blizzard what TRUE loyalty is. the people that have been playing for the last 5 years, struggling through the Hakkar depression that still seems to be hitting them hard and the government (Blizzard) doesnt seem to notice. I honestly would love to play again and join the people that got me started and saw the rise of Hurlz/Angelynx. I tried for months and got the same response of post ur reply on the forums. well you have several people speaking for hundreds TELLING you BEGGING you to help them. Dont just silence them again, dont ignore them. Help them. Help the people that are keeping you from the homeless shelter down the street. Help the loyal people that keep playing a game that you say u "listen" to. Well the little guy is screaming, and u are not listening.

Good Luck Hakkar, Hurlz Tainted Moral born and raised.

WOW Hurlz!! It's been a very long time since I've seen anyone sporting the Mug'thol TK tag. i used to be horde over there, and I remember getting into some awesome world pvp battles with TK. I still despise Bunkiee and her damn druid lol.
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We all went mannoroth. still pvp but under Not Recruiting tag now. pvp > pve atm. going for hero of the alliance for a second season.. allot tougher now though
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Rumor has it once you get the Hero title once, you don't have to get it again. That's mainly the reason why I stopped doing RBGs myself.
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09/26/2011 09:41 AMPosted by Joegreezy
you like PvP?? I can't tell...

Yeah, sadly though since Cata hit life got crazy and WoW time has been limited to not much.

Take care!

Anuket =)
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