Blizz, please save Hakkar!

85 Tauren Hunter
I support all efforts to merging or offering free server xfers to the remaining Hakkarians/Hakkartards... It's so bad these days I've been on Hakkar since 06 this is as bad as it has been, and various petitions over the years have been ignored. /hangs head.

@Haze the so called support is terribad 13-72 hour waits for a patented "We are aware of the issue and are currently working on a fix" EMAIL when you log for an hour... they know of all the problems but can't seem to wrap their brains around a fix... like why the heck does my Bird sound like a cat!? If they are indeed aware of the issue and working on it. They don't care.

Oh yeah... signed. hold the balls in and around the mouth pl0x, none for me. ok ty.
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91 Undead Rogue
i love this server!
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Nothings gonna change. They know if you're serious about continuing to play you'll either stay where you are or pay for that xfer.
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63 Dwarf Priest
Today I logged in. There were 17 people TOTAL in Stormwind.
Thats an all time low. of those 17, only 10 of them were level 85.

Very sad.

We need a server merge with another low-pop. There is too few people on the realm to really organize anything anymore.
The lack of people on the realm is making more people to either stop playing, or leave the realm.

Need some help Blizz.
I've been on this realm for a very, very long time. Sad to see it go down hill like this.
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92 Human Paladin
Merge Hakkar!!! Please!!
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85 Troll Druid
Greetings from a high populated server :D Also, I'm confused as to how there can be so many people in the Hakkar forums yet so few online :/
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1/3 of hakkar forum posters are located on other servers. that is why
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85 Night Elf Rogue
11/14/2011 03:54 PMPosted by Jîmlahey
Greetings from a high populated server :D Also, I'm confused as to how there can be so many people in the Hakkar forums yet so few online :/

Work. Phones are awesome.

But yeah, Blizz won't merge the server. The most they will do is put us as "Recommended"
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85 Human Mage
My server is worse, i xfered to haomarush from hakkar. worst decision ever. And your forums are a lot more active. Good luck
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90 Human Death Knight
This is a very sad moment for Hakkar, also everyone who plays on this server. I have looked through all the replys and comments to this thread. Guess what? Not one god damn post from support, moderators, dev team, or gm's. You f'ing paper pushers aren't doing a damn thing to help our situation. If you are, you need to show consideration to people thoughts and feelings about this and SAY SOMETHING for crying out loud even the dumbest person on earth could probably let everyone know how they were progressing on fixing something. It's very rude to leave someone in the dark... let us know how you people are planning to fix our population problem. We pay YOU to enjoy YOUR servers... What are we paying for if we aren't enjoying it or receiving any support for that matter... can you tell me that? No of course you can't because you are too busy making stupid !@# expansions and cool new pets and such... how about you fix things first THEN worry about cool new things eh? Sound good? No because you people are in for the money obviously... you guys make these new things so more and more people pay for that stupid $%^-... then they forget about the problem... then it arises once more after everyone gets bored... what do you do? Push it off ignore and make more useless *!@#... so you can get more money... How about you guys actually read, at least SOME of these posts... people are crying out for help and you stand by and do nothing... Very disappointed.
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85 Dwarf Death Knight
Come to Sargeras, I used to be on hakkar a year ago and that place sucks so bad. It's pretty nice over here, alot of raiding and good pvp. Not a good server if your horde since 90 percent of it is Alliance.
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85 Tauren Hunter
11/22/2011 09:44 AMPosted by Bucketsmoke
My server is worse, i xfered to haomarush from hakkar. worst decision ever. And your forums are a lot more active. Good luck

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85 Dwarf Shaman
Blizzard, rot in hell, I'm paying to not even get close to enjoying this game at its full potential.....!@#$ you have a nice day
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85 Night Elf Hunter
I've laughed at complainers in the past (the first version of this topic was made like 4 years ago), but Hakkar is getting ridiculously terrible.

If server transferring was cheaper, I'd be gone. As it is, I have to suffer on this barren wasteland of a server. I'm leveling alts instead of trying to get into a decent raiding guild (are there any left on this server? I doubt it).
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85 Draenei Mage

Signed :3
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85 Night Elf Hunter
They would probably merge us with another garbage server, and nothing would change.

Just let us go where we choose.
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