Best hellscream pvpers of all time

55 Orc Death Knight
"Dk: who cares..."

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90 Human Priest
My vote would be for Messa & Mateo. By the way, 1st 20 or so alliance GMs got their titles legit simply outpointing all others (mainly through server honor point limit arrangements agreed upon by the top honor earners of the day..which was a common thing on many many servers then..wasn't just Hellscream).

And, yes that's not pvp skill playing the game longer than any else it's just being a little bit crazy (let's face it 18 hour days just playing WoW = crazy) and having good grind group of 15. That said once the original GM group folded things did change somewhat.

Anyway no question Mateo & Messa were incredible pvpers. And, imo LvL 60 pure pvp (mainly outside of the bgs) > the current format.
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86 Gnome Rogue
09/23/2011 05:57 AMPosted by Nickjonas
!@#$ it let's just name a bunch of old players, that's more fun than "PvPers"

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90 Goblin Mage
Pally: Baggy
Warlock: Caker
Shaman: Ravvens
Dk: who cares...
Druid: Nothlol
Hunter: Hewters, Stalked
Warrior: Vayith


I'm gonna add a couple Druid: Hobo Multi season Gladiator and we did old school BG's back in Vanilla. Not to flaunt my own stuff but Mage: Thoronos. Socks and sandals 4ever.
Edited by Thoromos on 12/6/2011 6:04 PM PST
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85 Worgen Hunter
The best PVPer on the server is that holy paladin name Jasst. Great heals, overall nice guy who isn't annoying.

Also my old arena partner, maztaz. That guy was a beast, he went MIA though in 4.0.3 :<
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85 Troll Hunter
there seems to be a certain hunter/rogue/mage/warrior/dk/lock that's missing here. hmmm....

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90 Undead Warlock
Should put me as the best warlock.
Even though I suck balls now.

Many, many, manly balls.
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85 Undead Priest
I'm going to invoke the thors-!@#$ clause and claim myself as the best; also my friends.

Me - Because I'm the most handsome.

Keelar - I've never seen a restoration shaman who could stand in one place and spam chain heal while rolling his face on the windshear button so expertly. Also back in vanilla he played enhancement with hand of ragnaros and 1 shot everyone which means he was skilled.

Skeptyk - The only priest I know who plays holy in pvp, also he is the second handsomest which is how you judge priests.

Stalked - I'm pretty sure he's terrible because all hunters suck at WoW, but his trade-foo was inspiring; learning that he had gone on to talk about dolphin wangs in alliance trade instead was a day that weighed heavily on my heart.

Nalvar - Back in BC we used mind control shenanigans to kill people of both factions in Halaa. Was probably the last time I had fun pvping on my rogue until I retired with my "Most Handsome Rogue Ever" title and went on to claim the "Most Handsome Priest" title.

Zoinks - He spent so much time in trade chat talking about how good he was at pvp but couldn't commit to arena because of the raids he also couldn't commit to or something. I award him the "Second Most Handsome Rogue" title only because he also used a Z at the beginning of his name.

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75 Night Elf Druid
Dont worry, they will talk about me for years, but I wont tell my name. Nor will I post on my pvp main.

Mori Out Yo!!!! You will die at my hands though
( Other Realms) count your days.
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100 Human Mage
4 pages and not a single Geckoboy mention!?
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85 Undead Mage
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90 Human Paladin
Why would you do that? =/
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85 Undead Mage
you mean why would i re-appear after like 5 years?!?. lol. i have no answer for that ol friend. :D
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90 Human Monk
Either way, it's good to see you! :)
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85 Undead Mage
you as well. i havent played pretty much since BC. just started my account back up a few days ago. came here to see if any ppl were still playing, and alas! i see this! so many names i dont see though. =(
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90 Undead Mage
king penta or prince charming, all da same. 7 days goes by fast, laters....
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So many names to remember. Its been a while!
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100 Undead Mage
#1 here. Thanks Stalked, 3 years ago :(
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