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Oh look, it's this thread again.

If it's really a problem then buy a transfer, it's !@#$ing worth it.


11/02/2011 02:39 AMPosted by Krankster
It really sad I started Playing when this server had 300 guilds each had 2,000 members

That...never happened...ever.
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Nice bow Krankster! This thread is worthless. Hao isnt exactly dead seeing as there are 3 guilds that are 6/7H. Its not even the worst server in the us, much less the world. Actually its ranked 227/241 in the US. The only suggestion anyone needs to offer is to complain about the amount it costs to transfer now that its automated and dosnt take 24hrs. 300 guilds. When?
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Man... this toon haven't be on for a years and also still have about 11k gold in the bag.

If you feel this server is very low and then why don't you just farming up the mats then put up cheap for the Auction House? They alway come to look at the AH market price. If it too high then they stop rolling and growing the server.

If you ignore to farming the mats and just doing the pvp then I'm sure you're lazy or aren't you? There a way to farm the mats, just que the pvp and fly around the world to do farming the mats.

If ppls don't have time to play the WoW because of something to do in real life? That is okay because lifes and jobs is very important then the game.

Here the Tip: To bring more players or grow more to the server.
If you come to rolling this server and if you put up cheaper for selling the mats. Then new players will come to this server and buy your mats. Because they need to crafting and lvling up the profession. So keep repeating to grow more to the server.

So... keep in mind, some ppls can take your cheaper then to resell high price. But you can beat them for filling their bags full if you keep farming the mats. Because they are being a jerk for put up the highest price for make this server stop growing. Then I'm sure they will tired and stop buying your mats.

Also Stop Trolling the trade for the love of god. Also if the true allies player want to create the horde character and then go to trolling the trade and also same go with what the horde did to the allies. O...M...G Traitor!! and I am not going to roll this server then let it dying as to let this go to low population.

So... sorry for my grammer because my english lvl is 3.5 out of 5. :(
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Ravelli don't know.

Ravelli confused.

Ravelli head hurt.
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85 Goblin Rogue

So... sorry for my grammer because my english lvl is 3.5 out of 5. :(

Please invest in some form of Microsoft word. My head hurts after reading that post.

Once again though. The only way to fix the server, is to leave it or accept it. A more positive form of a forum would be to get as many people as you can to post on the forum about the over charge for server xfers, which they wont change anyways because they will justify it by saying that it keeps people from just transfering all over the place and holding some form of integrity.
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I agree. The server population is abysmal. I thought I'd try the ret spec recently, only to find glyphs were priced around 300g each in the AH, and the availability was very poor. In fact, the auction house is mostly overpriced, and it isn't very common to find what you're looking for. This is ridiculous. I'd really like to transfer out, but I find it would be expensive to transfer all of my characters off. We really need free transfers.
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Face it they are not going to do anything for us here we went through this a few years ago as well and it is still the same so if you don't like it then go, other wise make the best of it while you can.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
This server has taken a Turn for the worse now that Guild xfers r open Guilds are leaveing at a high rate for a small server .. I have been on looking at /.who and r lucky to have 40 ppl on at any given time and with that half to 2/3 r low lvl . So I ask u Blizzard to shut this server down and xfer player to another server just give us a few server to choose from so we can have fun again in the game !!!
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90 Orc Death Knight
lol qq
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Here i was thinking from Transferring back from Tortheldrin where Ive been for round a year I think. Guess not, we have the same problem over there...
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85 Dwarf Hunter
I started playing this game and chose this server because I thought it was a new server that was going to grow. Trade chat is constantly spammed with bots all day long advertising gold sites to literally "buy (with real money)" items, weapons/armor, mounts, etc.

Last research that I could find states that the server is 70% Horde and 30% Alliance. This isn't a complaint about unfair advantages, but rather a complaint about how many people actually occupy those numbers. With all the larger guilds like DarkFusion and Stasis leaving the realm, it is virtually a ghost town for the rest of us. As of January 16th/17th 2012, there are only 450 level 85 characters on the entire realm. From levels 10 up to and including 85, there are only 726 characters TOTAL.


Our numbers are declining rapidly as people are just simply "quitting" and not playing the game anymore simply because they can't afford a character transfer to another realm. It's not an issue of $25. It's an issue of $25 x ALL of your characters. I have 3 level 85s, and 2 more at 75. Why would I want to pay $150 to be able to play the game the way it was meant to be played? It's simply un-affordable for me at this point, and I know that I'm not the only one with this issue. I know people that have eight level 85s or more. $200+ for a realm transfer?

People level characters/professions to work with their other characters so they can save money in the long run as well. Why would I want to transfer just one of my characters and go flat broke buying everything from the auction house? I use my alts to create the things that my characters need to save money for more important things like gear and helping out my fellow guild-mates when they need some mats for enchants or gems and the like.

AH prices are through the roof on this server. It is truly a seller's market. The auction house is constantly over-run with bot farmers that just farm, farm, farm and then undercut a reasonable price by three times or more. It's literally not worth it to put in the effort to go farming for mats or anything anymore. What would usually sell in a day, can sometimes take 2 weeks (or longer) to sell because gold farmers swoop in and undercut your prices on the daily. By the time it finally sells, any profit you wished to have gained is already used up in re-listing fees.

The auction house is ran buy just a few people. Prices are pretty much set in stone. It's sad when you look in the auction house and become familiar with the lister's names and not the items themselves. It's simply not a viable option at this point to waste efforts on the auction house unless you undercut the bot prices and give yourself little to gain in return.

Imagine a server where you could get online and form a group to run a 10-Man Dragon Soul in about 10 minutes instead of two or three hours (and most of the time not at all). How about Blackwing Descent or an old school Molten Core run just for the pure nostalgia of it? Imagine being able to do this every day, whenever you wanted to - no matter what time you signed online. Sadly, this is a dream that will never come to be if something doesn't happen with our population. We can only hope that Blizzard will help out a handful of their loyal customers.

There are more and more people leaving/quitting every day. The realm is coming to a grinding halt for those few people that just simply wish that you, (Blizzard), would be kind enough to allow those of us who simply can't afford a paid server change, to transfer (along with other lower populated realms), to another server and merge our economies together so that economic/social growth can be expanded and it can be a fun game for all of us once again. We know you don't want to lose monthly subscriptions, and we are not threatening to do this by any means, but for some of us (and many others that have already quit playing), it seems like the only viable option at this point.
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100 Goblin Hunter
Pretty ridiculous, this server has been dead forever, practically a ghost town now. PLEASE PLEASE hear our calls and actually do SOMETHING Blizzard. This is not the product I want/will pay for and no longer will. That being said I will scream this message from the rooftops of Orgrimmar for anyone wanting to play WOW not to, the draconian development team just doesn't care about anything except the almighty dollar. PLEASE DO SOMETHING BEFORE PANDAS RUIN THIS GAME and everyone quits anyway.
-Pissed off customer

i've been playing blizzard's games since warcraft, I will boycott all products (diablo 3 included) if this doesn't change/improve. Every Haomarushian should do the same. The best place you can hit activision/blizzard is in the wallet. thanks.
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85 Tauren Druid
As many times as I have seen threads like this NOT ONCE for this server has a blue posted that replied that they ARE doing something about it.
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As much as I hate to agree with a dwarf, Metzger has the most accurate and coherent points made, thus far.

Is it true that this server's population is so low that it is unrealistic to PuG anything?

Yes. Hell, there's usually only 5 ppl, on each side, in each Tol Barad.

Is this because of the realm's populaton?

Most definitely. I see the same 20 people in Trade chat, every day . . . most of them standing around VoS bank; which, isn't unusual, but is very descriptive when you realize that's everyone on the realm @ 6pm.

Is it unreasonable to request that players "just go pay for a xfer," in most cases for 3 or more characters, simply because their realm's population will not allow them to play the game as it was meant to be played (and, what that $15 a month is paid for)?

Very much so.

Unfortunately, it seems that our server's population is so low that Blizzard can't hear our voice on the matter; namely, we need something like a realm merger to keep this realm from dying off completely.

Maybe a thread in the General Forum, or the Suggestions Forum, will get our voices heard; but, it's going to take all of our voices at once . . . because, there's not many of us left to hear.
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I posted the topic to the General Discussion Forum.

If enough of us bump it, it can't be ignored.

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i just wish it did not take forever to do anything it crazy the most players that i have ever seen together on this realm is like 6 or 7 thats just sad
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90 Undead Warrior
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I prefer to play my "MMOs" with other people. You know its a problem when you can spend an hour in trade chat, looking for 2s. Let alone find a good partner.. and heaven forbid finding a third player. It's a very broken system to force me to pay extra money, so i can play with others and enjoy this game again. Even if merging servers is out of the question, atleast make a discounted character transfer if you are transfering all toons on the server to a new one. 275 dollars, to transfer all my 90s is just insane.
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