6/7 BDK 368 Ilvl LF paid trnsfr/fac long term

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Well first and foremost I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am posting on an alt character to avoid any flack from my current guild.

I have no idea how to go about this, but here goes. I have been playing WoW since release and have rolled to date 7 toons all currently lvl 85 and have a minimum ilvl of at least 359. I mainly play my Blood spec death knight and by far my most favorite class. I have almost 7 yrs of raiding experience and have cleared all content up to 6/7 10 man Firelands.
I am looking for a solid guild that has a core spot on the roster for a tank Dk that knows how to play his class/role.
Looking to get into a 25 man guild and hoping to steer away from the 10 man content I have been facing as of late. I come from 40 man raids back in mc-naxx days to 25 mans which i find more pleasing vs 40 man.
I've recently updated some components in my rig so that i may be able to raid more efficiently in a larger scale raid.

ATI HD6750 1GB DDR5 pci-e graphics card
Core i5-650 3.2 ghz
4 GB ddr3 ram
Windows XP (best imo !@#$ xD)
1 TB western digital 64 mb cache 7200 rpm
23" widescreen HD led monitor

I am looking for alliance or Horde guild PVP server is a big plus (horde only though for obvious reasons "domination")
Raid times between 5pm-10:30 pm EST anydays of the week.

My ideal guild will be active with a healthy roster of players online at any given time of the day so that I may be able to do randoms bg's re-roll toons whatever the case may be.

Progression for guild at least 7/7 normal to 3+/7 HM.
Adult orientated roster that is drama free. Online is an escape from work/family no drama please.

I am asking for help with the server transfer/faction change for multiple reasons.
1. To show that the guild is making a leap of faith to gain a valued player who will be there on time and ready and gemmed/chanted food/flask/repair money and ready to raid.
2. I make x amount of money pay x amount for living expenses and X amount for family.
WoW transfers is not part of the X factor at this time.
3. Job only pays x amount in a single income home :)

What I can bring to your guild. Consisteny and I can deliver results when playing my character.
I stay up to date with boss encounters with watching how to videos and I also do PTR on offnights when available.
Mature patient person and used to wiping for hours on ends on the same ish on a bad night which that patience has been tested through all expansions/raid in WoW.

A little bit more about myself

Race: hispanic thats a big plus I know it is!

Age: 29
Location: east coast
hold two associates one in small business management and one in Computer neworking w/ emphasis in buisness management.
I have a dog named chico and a piranha named Manny
I am employed.

Reason for leaving my toons current guild : I pug there is no core team I can get into on my server most of the guilds are set with their rosters and have been since Cata hit live. I have pugged 6/7 on multiple toons and I am looking to get into some competitive raiding. I have been in top 3 guilds fo r along time and am currently in 2nd best guild on my current server unfortunately their core roster is legit and probably not ever going to break apart and I have been waiting for 5 weeks to get into the 2nd 10 man they have been promising for quite some time.

I want to thank you for reading this wall of text I look forward to getting contacted in-game or on this post.

My real id is: Acctduece@gmail.com (please include in msg details when you send the request).
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How has this not been trolled yet?
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Dont transfer here if your mother cant pay for it.
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