[H] Good server for a tank to transfer to?

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I'm considering a server transfer for my horde toons.

At 85 I've got a tank of each class, and a healer of each class - all in the 9100 to 9400 'gearscore' range. I've been a tank player since Classic. Longer if you count games before WoW. Used to raid back in BC / mid-Wrath, but my guild's been inactive for some time now and PUGs few and far between. I've only done a smattering of Cata-raid content.

Wondering if this is a good server to join as far as;

  • Community - fairly friendly place? While it seems just about every server thinks it has a bad community, I've seen that there really are some that are not that bad, and some which can honestly make the claim.

  • PUG raiding - is it fairly easy to form or join PUG raids here? Particularly in the low to mid range of progression?

  • Guild raiding - I'm looking for a mid-range progression guild that needs/wants more tanks.

Desire a guild that is low or lacking in profanity / ERP.

I'm looking to join in an off or alt-tank position, work my way into earning a better slot over time -if- needed. My availability would be any 2 of Monday, Wednesday, or Friday - after 6pm PST. And then around at other times to help with whatever.

I'd likely make a lowbie alt here first, talk with prospective guilds, and see if personalities match for a week or two (if you like me and I like you) before bringing in a 'real toon'.
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As far as pug raids go I have not seen any what so ever. Tried to pug a BH earlier this week and the results were disastrous.
So far this server seems pretty nice in terms of people But I have only been here two weeks so who knows maybe its still the "be nice to the new guy stage"
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why would you transfer to a low pop server? If it's officially been changed to medium I would be surprised. Hyjal, Thrall, Nagrand are much better choices. Medivh took a dump and even Zul'jin is not exactly a load of fun anymore.
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The community is okay. A lot of people are jerks, but in a way that almost comes across as endearing. Almost.

PuG raiding - I've never had too much trouble pugging Tier 11 raids, although I've always had a fair amount of guild members as a base all of those times. However, don't expect to be able to get into a raid whenever you feel like it. They only pop up every so often.

Guilds - I'm afraid I can't really answer that. I'm not sure what major guilds on the server need tanks. Sorry!
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Honestly; It's not worth it.

While the people are friendly the content just isn't here.
I spend a lot of my time in areas where I can watch Trade and I almost never see PuG's for anything. I think once I caught a glimpse of a LFM: BoT but that's it.

Scryers is also the bottom of the bottom for pretty much everything.

Trying to avoid ERP is easy enough. There's barely any RP left aside from a couple of guilds Horde Side. I transferred my main (Alliance) because there was absolutely none.
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