The SGA Monday night (8pm to 11pm server time) raid is looking for a healer to round out the team. We just began Firelands last week, so it's a good group to join if you still need to learn the fights in there (as we ourselves are just learning them). If you're looking for a once a week casual raid for your healer this is the place for you.

Some details:

    Currently we have two paladin healers, so we're more interested in getting a druid, shaman or priest.

    Our two current healers average anywhere from 10k to 16k sustained hps on the healing meters during any given boss fight. We're looking for you to be in that ball park.

    While we'd love to get someone from another SGA guild it isn't a requirement. This raid group is a multi-guild collaboration, so this is a good opportunity if you want to heal Firelands but don't want to drop your current guild.

    We lost our last healer to his new Monday night bowling league. Because of this we have developed an unreasonable hatred for bowling. No bowlers accepted! (<3 Dibbs)

If you have any further questions please reply here or send me a message in game. Thanks!
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