Plz save the people on Garithos

85 Blood Elf Priest
Please blizzard take the time to notice the drastic difference in game experience on Garithos compared to the experience on a server like Illidan or Korgath. Whether it be PVP or PVE the quality of play is horrible. From the ecomony to having someone to compete with be it in arenas or in raid progression there is nothing here. We have TB battles in the middle of the day with 5 people on each team, I hardly feel that is how you intended for a "massively" multiplayer game to be played. Please merge our server into another server or allow for mass free xferrs off this server.

Please blizzard respond to this thread and please people that suffer my same fate on garithos take the time to post.
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85 Orc Rogue
Literally everytime I have quit this game was because of this server and its lack of population. I always came back and leveled a new character on a different realm but somehow managed to find myself on garithos again. Each time, i came back by the request of certain friends, reassuring myself garithos would work out this time. It never seems to...

It would be nice if we could get merged with some of the other low pops like us. However, Blizzard doesn't seem to like improving our enjoyment in their game even though the monthly payments keep rolling in each month.

Blizz this is serious business............I just got a "Transporter Malfunction" of my OWN character -.-'

(and yes it is a 4 hour cooldown)
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90 Goblin Death Knight
I have to second this motion. Garithos is extremely sub par in generally all the things people enjoy about WoW be it the social aspect, PvP, raiding, or making money. Garithos is so very far underdeveloped that we need some sort of a shot in the arm, be it transfers or mergers.

The problem as I see it for you Blizz is the possible loss of subscribers who think that Garithos is your average run of the mill server, and don't realize what they are really missing out on.

Throw us a bone!
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85 Goblin Rogue
+1 for Merger idea.
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100 Goblin Death Knight

Dear Blizzard,

I very rarely ever even log on to my Druid, whom I really enjoyed playing, on Garithos because, well... I honestly got fed up with trying to get anything done that took a group of folks. I've been in TB's that had only 5 people Horde Side. Good luck with trying to get a Pug together for BH. Last time I did BH on Garithos, it took us well over an hour (prime time even) to get an almost full raid.

It is well past time to give up the ghost and merge the server with another.
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85 Troll Hunter
I agree this server is so small that it hurts raiding and PvP you cannot even pug BH after thursday and it really hurts. Also rated BGs on this server is hard to do at best. There is few PvPers other then the staple 7 or so and they are not the greatest. I fell like a merger would be a great idea i can't think of any server of the top of my head but at least something bigger then ours. I hope this helps you guys think about healing a server out and maybe we can do a 25 man raid one day.
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
I use to be on a good server. Now I'm on Garithos. What is wrong with me?!
This server needs massive amounts of help.
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85 Tauren Druid
When i go to the auction house after a raid to find gems, enchant mats, etc and cannot find what i need . . . yeah, we need help.
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85 Undead Warrior
Could not agree more with this thread. Nothing on the AH, the economy is screwed. Recruiting even 1 person is next to impossible.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Please please save this server, never get any groups whatsoever, economy is litteraly nonexistent.
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85 Troll Druid
I reinstated my WoW account with the expectation that it would be enjoyable. So far the experience has been sub-par at best, not that it's the game developer's fault but by the fact that, Garithos is a ghost server. I realize that it was originally a relief server for blackrock, and there-in lies the solution. In my honest opinion I believe you can fix this problem by making this a relief server once more. This game was intended to be an MMORPG. not a smale scale shell of it's former self. PLEASE im begging you, make everybody's experience with this more enjoyable, You like our subscriptions and your quarterly number's to show your investor's no? Think of the possible ramification's if Garithos is allowed to flounder in the dirt, it will eventually die. You like our $ and we like this game, so please, assist us and give us a reason to continue playing.
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85 Troll Priest
It would be so great to get Garithos merged with another low pop. Like the server, but it's hard to find stuff on the ah and REALLY hard to recruit people.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I agree with this thread 110% Garithos is in a bad state atm trying to recruit for pve or pvp is almost impossible. I play wow alot less now that I'm on this server for the simple fact that Garithos is almost completely dead. Missing weeks of raiding because we couldn't recruit one person for our raids and spending most of the arena season struggling to find partners. I really hope blizzard does something about this.
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85 Blood Elf Mage
I agree, enjoyment of the game suffers a lot in a server like this one. Please merge it or give free transfers out of here. The loss of the paid transfer is out-weighted by the continued subscriptions of happy players...
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I moved off server once a year or so ago and it was like I'd never played the game before. My alts, of which there are many, could pug ICC at will, let alone Vault of Archavon. Wintergrasp was like an event with 2, 3 sometimes 4 full raids of people duking it out.

I came back to Garithos to join some friends and take advantage of the new 10/25 man raid setup and have found myself logging only to raid. As soon as i level a new alt and gear it up to the latest heroics tier, it sits on my character screen until new content comes out. There is absolutely no reason to continue playig and I've run out of slots to level new characters.

No one likes to queue up to play this game, but I think the definition of low and medium population needs to be revisited. Patch 4.2 has been out for 3 months and we are actually having people consider transferring factions to get some of the crafted patterns made. The fact is there are so few people doing end-game content we simply don't have the patterns available. Adjusting drop rates to accomodate low pop, while not flooding high pops cant be easy, if the realms are brought more in-line it can only help development.

The most common occurence in progreesion guilds on this server, which has happened since i've been playing on Garithos, is to reach end-game and then mass transfer. There have been at least 10 different "top" guilds here in the time I have played, and it has nothing to do with competition.

Consider this a long winded version of "+1 to merger idea"

Thank You
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90 Undead Death Knight
So, now that 1/4 the population of Garthos has posted on here, my turn! I think Blizz is trying to add the Raid Finder as a solution to this, but that is not sufficient by a long shot. The "real friend ID" is cross server as well, but again, not enough. As noted above, how is an MMO having such limited participation in massive battles...or even seeing more than a handful in the biggest capital city? You can spam trade for hours, advertising yourself as a healer looking for arenas, and get no responses. I've spoke with folks on other servers, and they usually get immediate responses, any time of the day.
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85 Goblin Hunter
I've played this game since it came out, and have only played on Garithos, which has declined SIGNIFICANTLY in the last year.

Garithos used to be a great place, but now it's a ghost town. The most common thing out of the mouths of people who are unlucky enough to transfer here are "wow, this place is DEAD".

There are never more than 75 people on that server at one time, the AH should be referred to as "The Barrens", and the Firelands Dailies area is the World PVP Zone because it's rare to ever find anybody in Tol'Barad.

This server opitomizes the words "Dead Server". The only thing pugged on Garithos are Firelands Trash runs.

Unfortunately, some of us have been here our whole WoW lives, and have too many toons to be able to afford to server transfer them all.

For the love of god Blizzard, please look at the quality of life for those of us on these extremely low population servers and merge several of them into one (or two) medium population servers.

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80 Human Warlock
the server has been crap in ALL aspects since vanilla last time I can ever recall it being note worthy was for like #13 world kt kill with sov. But you can rest assured that blizz will pay your pleas no attention but kindly direct you to the following...

No matter what you think blizz should do forget it.. just pay the 25 bucks an be done with it.

And for the love of god dont xfer to detheroc or onxyia. they are by far even worse then garithos. I learned it the hardway.

after reading this it seemd kinda trollish, just want to say trollin was not my intent
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85 Orc Death Knight
Garithos is a very remote Realm with out much Activity such as AH, trade, PVE, PVP and even chat. It feels more like independant gameplay with some interactions with others. I started on Dethcus and it was really nice and interactive with many players then my friends said to move to there Realm (Garithos) and the difference is drastic. I also would like to suggest a realm merge or free player tranfers to increase population.
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100 Human Paladin
You guys are right this server is dead. Friends of mine that I've played with for years have recently transferred off in search of Arena and Raid guilds. Personally I don't have the money for transferring or the time to level another alt quick enough to raid anytime soon. Garithos has in the past been in bad states before but right now is far worse than I have ever seen it. We severely need a merge or a free transfer, hell, anything really. Horde side AH house is simply terrible, Alliance isn't much better and there's nothing really left to do. Seems all I do anymore is farm old content for transmog gear. We really need a blue post here.
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