Plz save the people on Garithos

90 Dwarf Hunter
10/26/2011 01:19 PMPosted by Scrufy
I hope everyone understands that all the problems listed are not Garithos's problems, its the people who play this server, stop feeling sorry for yourself

I won't deny that the majority of Garithos has become a cesspool of whiny, self-centered babies who feel like they are owed something. Still, the low population is a problem, and you can't deny that.
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
Scrufy, blaming the people who play here for the low population is a joke. What part did we have in this? We have guilds here (at least on the horde side) that have full cleared firelands, and who are well accomplished in rbgs... its just a tight-knit group of people... theres no definitive answer for why a server doesn't grow or what makes one flourish... honestly the most populated and active servers are the oldest as well... it takes a perfect storm for a new server to become great, but it should never be blamed on us... all we are asking is for Blizz to give us a better option considering there are dozens of servers just like ours... we are not alone, and it continues to be an unaddressed problem
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10/29/2011 01:50 PMPosted by Grándma
Scrufy, blaming the people who play here for the low population is a joke. What part did we have in this? We have guilds here (at least on the horde side) that have full cleared firelands, and who are well accomplished in rbgs... its just a tight-knit group of people... theres no definitive answer for why a server doesn't grow or what makes one flourish... honestly the most populated and active servers are the oldest as well... it takes a perfect storm for a new server to become great, but it should never be blamed on us... all we are asking is for Blizz to give us a better option considering there are dozens of servers just like ours... we are not alone, and it continues to be an unaddressed problem

What guild has full cleared H:FL or is accomplished in rated BGs?

Havnt found em
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90 Human Warlock
ill quit the game at the end of this month after 5 years . Just no Hope

One step closer to my goal. :)
The only problem with garithos is some of the current players. It's a minority of players who dislike how the server currently is. If you hate it so much go someplace else.

11/08/2011 04:12 AMPosted by Sangson
I realise that i will never be geared as you are Garithos being really too low population

Making that claim, with the LFR coming out right around the corner is just hilarious, you may as well be saying that you're just a bad player. Ive already got a group of almost 30 people spread out over various servers I know I'll be raiding with. Only the socially inept basement dwelling shut-ins will be the ones not having anyone to group with. Go make some friends and solve your own problems, don't cry to blizzard because of your own shortcomings. They're giving you the tools to choose how you want to proceed, it's up to you to use them.
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85 Orc Shaman
@Minstral i agree with you. We should fix our own problems. But the thing is. this is a game that we pay monthly for. We pay for this why shouldnt we be able to experience it like other servers? Blizz goes and accommodates new players by giving them free levels and exp. cheap mounts etc. so why when a whole server is crying out cant they accommodate us? I guess cause they know we have 2 options 1 we can spend extra money to give to them for xfers and etc. or 2 quit playing. With the low low population of garithos i doubt it would even matter to them if we did quit. Cause for them itd probably cost more money to fix what we are asking for then they are making from the players on our server. So by us being forced to pay to switch they are probably actually doing better in a financial sense. Its sad really
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90 Human Warlock
None of those are valid excuses. As I said, you've got all the tools you'd need to play how you want. If you limit yourself to one server, that is your choice. There is NOTHING stopping you from rolling whatever kind of toon you want on a different server. You yourself even mentioned how much easier blizz has made it to level new characters. For example, I took a bit of extra time, and now Ive got toons on extremely high population servers, toons on PvE servers, ive even got a few on a RP server.

We both pay the same amount for our accounts to play, but I get the feeling I get alot more fun from mine. Why? Because I used the tools blizzard gave me to be able to play how I want. There isn't an aspect of this game I couldnt do if I wanted to, because I didn't limit myself to just one place. You are fully capable of leveling whatever kind of toon you want, wherever you want, for no additional charge. The only thing keeping anyone from enjoying the game to the fullest is their own laziness.
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88 Human Paladin
Jesus christ, xfer off and be done with it.
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90 Human Warlock
I read the whole thread here and just thought I'd add my two cents here as well ( I'll probably get change ). This is a horse who's bones have been beaten into dust and beyond. However, a gamemaster told a bud of mine just a few minutes ago to post on the forums. Now, mind you, I have no illusions that Blizzard reads these. In fact, I seriously doubt it and even if they do they rarely, if ever take any actions based upon it. But they're my pixels to waste so here goes.

I've been a paying, playing Blizz customer for 6 years. I've got a combined total of 600+ days played on my characters and that's not counting the ones I've deleted. I've paid my dues, just as all of you have. I have not been playing much lately because of another game that does exactly what Blizz should do; listen to customers.

My guild has done NOTHING over the past two months, not even organized suicide. I logged in for the 7 year thing and I got a temporary tabard that gives 7% increased exp for an hour! Wow! Really? REALLY BLIZZ? 6 years of playing and you give me a tabard that isn't even permanent?
Way to recognize players.

Look, I have no animosity. I've enjoyed my time in WoW. but with Kung Fu Pandas coming and loads of mistakes made over the years by Blizz ( let's not forget the Tol Barad fiasco ) I've had enough. I cannot spend 250 bux to transfer all my 85s out of here to a PvE server ( as I said I've paid my dues and am tired of PvP ) and it may or may not make a difference anyway. So, as Blizz ToS says the characters remain their property, so my 15 bux remains mine and I'll be cancelling my account before long here.

I will finish with a wager. I will bet that Blizz will not 1. Allow Free transfers at any time, 2. Allow Free name/race/class changes at any time, 3. have Actual account bound items or 4. give a response to this lengthy ramble. Other games do these things and Blizz is focused on Diablo atm. So ends the reign of WoW as top MMO. Long live the King! I shall miss it and remember it fondly.
~ Malph
Edited by Malphesus on 11/27/2011 9:11 AM PST
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
Ppl of Garithos I am here to tell you that blizzard truly does not care about you. They could care less how your gameplay is they obviously want your money. Try lvling a lower lvl toon and finding ppl your lvl to quest with they do not exist. When a GM was contacted and asked if there was anything blizzard was gonna do to help the answer was basically NO. When the comment was made that there were talsk of ppl stopping playingthe game the GM said and i quote "Then that is definitley what you should do" . So that is what blizzard tells there GM's to do. They need to help Garithos and refuse to. I started playing 2 years ago and it has never been this bad.
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80 Night Elf Hunter
Garithos was once a fairly organized community of players. We had some pretty fun world pvp, some fair raid guilds, and a particularly amusing forum community. There was definitely a lot of love/hate relationships between players and guilds.
Personally, there were very hectic times helping to run a raid guild. There was much time invested, people benefitted. Virtually all of my associations are now gone, save a few, and what I learned in wow, much like in real life personal relationships, is there is an expectation of mutual benefit. When the benefit of association stagnates, people move on. This is what's happened at Garithos.
In order to have a thriving server, guild and overall tight knit community, there must be individual committment to such a cause. It's not easy. Taking action is something you must do. Relying on authority figures or others to make things "right for us" is most generally a failing proposition.

The larger guilds that once thrived on Garithos, were mostly transfer guilds from high pop, high latency and high queue time servers. In Overkills case, it was formed in beta, and cemented by an additional gamer group from prior games. We took action when Warsong had major server issues and didn't wait for Blizzard to fix anything. They created new servers, we took advantage of them. What you have on Garithos is a smooth running server, with low latency, no queues, and the opportunity to build. It's the same Opportunity we took advantage of when Overkill and Xen of Onslaught transferred here when the server opened. Other successful guilds formed throughout the years and have since left. The server was generally vibrant.

As long as Garithos is open there will always be those of you who have the individual desires to accomplish team oriented content. It's imperative you find each other. The forums are a great way for individual players to identify other individuals with the same general goals. Blizzard flooding a server with the remnants of 20 other similarly disfunctional servers is not the answer. This will not created what you're looking for.
Selfless leadership must emerge. It exists, but is silent. Those of you with these traits should find each other. It is you who will establish "community". Newcomers and those who have remained could and should identify those leaders and allow them to lead you. Do not become a burden. If the selfless, silent types who have good judgement can establish a small core of players who achieve, others will seek you out. These types of relationships whether real life friendships, or in game selfless mutually beneficial associations can rebuild Garithos. Blizzard cannot, nor should they be expected, to give you this.

Edited by Moose on 11/29/2011 11:47 AM PST
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90 Orc Hunter
All your bases are belong to us
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85 Worgen Druid
First off to those complaining you really are directing your efforts in the wrong place. I don't even know the last time I've seen a blue post in the realm forums. The gen discussion or feedback forums would be a better place to direct your frustration on how you feel. To go along with that how many people actually read these forums anymore. Half the posts are made from people who have left this rock. I'm just guessing here but I believe the majority of the player base on this server has 0 clue this thread even exists.

Secondly, Garithos isn't the only server suffering from these same issues. While they may seem more glaring to us all because this is where we all choose to play we aren't alone. There are other servers out there all suffering from low population and its associated problems, and until this game suffers a decline of players large enough for Blizzard to merit shutting down servers I'm afraid the free transfers off will never occur. Right now everyone is left with 3 options, transfer, quit, or re-roll.

Blizzard attempted to help alleviate our population concerns at the start of Cata with allowing free transfers in and that was a failure. I'll hold short of calling that a complete failure as last I checked there are still a few of the transfers still here and without those people Garithos would be even more of a barren wasteland. The question is what happened to all those people who transferred in? From what I saw the majority all transferred off along with swarms of other people.

Why did these people transfer off? We were at the time a medium populated server, the economy wasn't completely terrible and there were options for different guilds at the time. This is where I believe the problem lies. It is a problem with the overall leadership of guilds on Garithos and the general player base that lives here. I won't go into the details of it all but I myself failed pretty terribly at the start of Cata trying to run a guild. I made some mistakes that looking back on now could have been easily fixed and may or may not have saved my guild at the time. Would we still be a guild now, who knows but I failed as a leader and regret not doing anything at the time.

Now to the problems with the player base that resides here. I know a lot of the bad apples have moved on to other realms or have just gave up and quit but still there is this "me first" mentality that resides on this realm. I've played on other realms with all sorts of guilds, while these "me first" players reside on all realms they are pushed to the forefront here due to the smaller player pool. You have your 2 types of these those who want everything given to them on a silver platter and the ones who will kill their own mother for a purple.

The silver platter crowd, while not the worst of the worst they are still an eyesore on Garithos. These are the people that think just getting a free transfer off or merging the servers will help their problems. It wont. Options are out there for you in a guild but you resort to just trolling trade chat complaining over and over about how bad this game is and oh how "woe is me" because Blizzard wont give me something. While this is a video game, this still does require some, be it minimal effort to improve your character.

On to the elitist, now I will admit I've fallen into this category at different points while playing this game and have probably said and done some hurtful things to people to better myself. I've regretted a lot of those but in the end I can't take these back now so I just live with my choices. The main problem I have with the elitists that still reside on Garithos is the fact that recruiting is already a pain in the rear here, you only make it worse by constantly berating some new recruit over one simple screw up. You expect greatness off the first attempt on a boss for these people and well you just aren't going to see it on this server. They all seem to think that they are so much better at pushing buttons than anyone who has ever played this game but in the cold harsh truth of it is, big fish little pond.

Maybe one day people will see the error in their ways but when Blizzard implemented LFG and now LFR and basically encourages everyone to sit in Stormwind/Org they killed the self policing of the community and in the long term hurt the player base on all servers. You can now just insult someone without any push back, back in the times of old eventually that would all catch up with you and you would be essentially black listed from doing anything on a server.

Anyways yes I know TLDR, but I'll continue playing this game I enjoy. I'll continue putting together a skeleton raid group that while may not be server first or anything great. We still have fun and that is all that really matters anymore,

TLDR version: Garithos can't have nice things
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85 Blood Elf Priest
we came, we tried, we left.
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88 Human Paladin
Don't you feel better?
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90 Tauren Druid
Yes I feel better.
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90 Pandaren Rogue
Good !@#$ing riddance.
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88 Human Paladin
Ravus always comes back to garithos though.
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85 Gnome Priest
We said it years ago when Silent Requiem left off the server and a lot of others did.

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