Rogue Legendary Daggers: First Look


85 Draenei Paladin
Not gonna lie. I feel a little rogue bias goin on right now. It is even threatening the strong Frost mage bias in PvP.

HAs anyone's legendary been this epic?
100 Human Mage
Holy flying rogues, Batman!!!
85 Undead Warrior
Holy crap. That is one seriously amazing equip-effect.
100 Night Elf Priest
...I want to be Bat(wo)man >:

Is it a proc with the picture taken while slow-falling? Probably, BUT STILL.
85 Worgen Druid
and again NOT LEGENDARY. I thank blizz for it. It is cool but if they wanted to shut feral druids up they could of made it legendary. The way it is we are gitting skrewed yet again.
90 Blood Elf Hunter
Not gonna lie. I feel a little rogue bias goin on right now. It is even threatening the strong Frost mage bias in PvP.

HAs anyone's legendary been this epic?

Inc new holy pvp trinity RMP...rogue mage hpally lol
85 Blood Elf Paladin
cant wait for orange cleave rmp season 11 WOOOHOOOO
85 Goblin Priest
That's awesome, I wish my Rogue can get one of those
91 Undead Warrior
Yay for rogues. I'm kind of disappointed that they are rogue-only, though. I like wielding daggers on my warrior just for fun, it would be cool if there were daggers that were actually viable.

Note to Blizz: someday make stat-swapping primary stats viable (agility-str) so we can have polearms, staves, Fists, etc. again.
85 Night Elf Warrior
If I was a Val'anyr wielder, i'd be pretty pissed right now. No joke.

Shadowmourne got unique rewards.
Tarecgosa turns you into a dragon.
Stabby stab turns you into batrogue.

Val'anyr did sweet f all.

Fortunately i'm a tank and you could use the very distinct looking Thunderfury for a long, long time.

I think you should go back and add an equip to Val'anyr so the wielder turns into a giant flying lightwell or something.
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
sooooooooooooooooooooooooo 4.3 in PTR right now?
91 Undead Warrior
I'll bet they flap when you fall or slow-fall
85 Troll Rogue
Damn you, Zarhym! Does your badassery knows no bounds!
My guildies better help me get those freaking daggers even if it kills them or I'll personally go to each one of their houses to slap them in the face with a cheese grater!
51 Tauren Paladin
09/23/2011 09:23 AMPosted by Savario
... -_- simply amazing. So Batman wings are NOT silly or absurd at all? But invisible chest armor is too absurd? Holy crap the devs really are losing it and trying to drive this game into the ground.

1 Night Elf Rogue
Talk about a slap in the face to warlocks

Now every rogue in the game is going to have wings that completely overshadow the warlocks t6.

You know one of the only unique things they have.
100 Human Death Knight
Happy Friday, everyone!

We'd like to get this day started by offering you a first look at the legendary daggers coming with the patch 4.3 raid, Dragon Soul. We've got them set up on a night elf rogue wearing the upcoming tier 13 armor.

<a href=""></a>


brix has been shat

Also, na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!!!
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100 Human Rogue
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