Hello you may have seen me around the server if not nice to meet you :D.

I am currently leading Remission's 10 man G2 we are currently 7/7 and 1/7 HM (hoping to be 3 or 4/7 HM by end of week) and we are looking for one exceptional rogue to join our ranks who wants to do heroic progression and best of all get the legendary daggers coming in 4.3. We raid Fri Sat 9:30- whenever I call it and Sunday 6-9. If you are interested here are some things you ought to know:
1: We expect 90% attendance rate
2: Loot is /roll but I have the power to overturn decisions or reserve loot for people as I see fit
3: You are expected to know the fights we are going into BEFORE we get in there
4: We expect a high level of raid awareness standing in fire= bad for you
6: You are expected to min/max you character so we can keep up a high level of progression
7: Loyalty means a lot to us but if you start holding the raid back you could get das boot

If you want to apply please go to remission.guildzilla.com and throw out an app we look forward to hearing from you :D.