Warlock, Mage or (Shadow)Priest?

81 Human Death Knight
Hi guys,
I'm looking forward to rolling a ranged dps class (probably a clothie). I can't decide if I should go with locks, mages or priests. With a shadow priest I can switch roll and try healing so I guess I won't be so one dimensional. Anyway, I love doing dungeons and battlegrounds and usually solo quests. Any suggestions would be great. PvP potentials are kinda important to me.

P.S. I don't want to be subpar at what I do. I have a lvl60 Elemental shaman but I just can't seem to do well in battlegrounds that much; can't compete with other clothies in dungeons either :(
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85 Orc Shaman
Its been awhile since I levelled those three, but the warlock was definitely the easiest to level. Solo quests with a void walker make it so easy.

The other two are a bit harder to level IMO, but much more fun at 85. Mage definitely has some of the better "tools" in the game with teleports, poly, spell steal, etc.

Priest has the absolute number one and two funnest abilities in the game. Mind Control and the "life grip" ability.

If told I had to level another toon to 85, Id pick mage, then priest, then about anything else, then lock.

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85 Blood Elf Mage
Warlocks aren't supbar in anything they do at high levels of play.
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1 Gnome Warrior
Warlocks are doing situationaly well right now. This could easily change in 4.3.
Deo is currently popped up by an out of control, doomguard. This i suspect will change, as soon as Blizzard can get around to nerfing his mastery gain. Destro is complex and even if you manage to get great uptime, the DPS is nothing spectacular. Affliction is fine. However it's heavily dependent on multi-targets.

Mages are lower to upper tier. fully expect fire to get great buffs and arcane to remain strong. Frost is well viable only on sims. A good mage will be able to pull competent nos with it, i bet.

Spriest - GOK how this spec will end up, going into 4.3 It's reign at the top however is guaranteed to end.
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85 Undead Priest
10/03/2011 10:49 AMPosted by Jatton
Spriest - GOK how this spec will end up, going into 4.3 It's reign at the top however is guaranteed to end.

If anything we will get small PvP buffs. Blizzard has expressed their satisfaction with the state of Shadow Priests in PvE.
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85 Draenei Shaman
Priests are easier to gear up. Warlock specs don't feel very different at max level. I wouldn't recommend a mage unless you're really easily entertained (so much so that you can ignore really frustrating mechanics).
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81 Human Death Knight
thanks for all your input guys. I really appreciate it.
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85 Undead Priest
All have very different play styles.

I got my lock to 85 and barely touched him since - just hate managing a pet all the time. Being able to swap out and heal is a lot of fun, and adds a whole other option to play w/o having to lvl another character.

My mage was my first toon, but I got really bored w/ him in pve - still pvp as frost now and then, but not as much as back in bc/wrath.
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14 Worgen Priest
Warlock - great in battlegrounds if you know the class very well. Although there's a little room for error and you're stuck with one spec, Affliction. For PvE, Affliction and Demo are also doing well. I find Demo to be really fun clearing trash in dungeons.

Priest - well if you also like to heal, then I'm afraid this is your only option. But then again, if you ignore that fact and go directly for potential, they are still a great choice. They are doing very well in PvE and I don't seem them getting nerfs in the upcoming patch. Awesome Shadowpriest pvp potential, love it. Although pretty hard once you don't get enough gear especially at level 70 when you're mana is way too limited.

Mage - Frost rules bgs. You are king and you can afford to commit mistakes. It is different from the 2 classes in terms of playstyle. It is more of escapes and choosing your battles. Absolutely hard to catch in BGs. PvE, Arcane is doing really well but is very simple (if you want a challenge). But basically, in PvE, you are stuck with one spec.

All of these can change in 4.3. I suggest waiting for some portion of the changes before rolling, if you're not really in a hurry. There might be some things you like or don't like.
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