Any old school names still playing?

88 Human Paladin
I'm still playing but on tich. Galadedrid was my name here, had a rogue named Khärne also.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
Just came back used to be a Shaman on Horde named Niecret,
rolled alliance hoping my friend Dima would come back, not the type to have an alliance and horde toon on same server.

/salute to all Vanilla players, its really refreshing to see.

Join TB and WG, its the only thing that brings the server together again once more.
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90 Draenei Priest
Adragon & Sway are up in this house!! still on Nathrezim too.
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90 Human Rogue
Hey nath o/
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90 Undead Warlock
Played here when I started early 2005. Was a low level nobody but I remember some of the names listed here.
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I've become an ugly:) but the hair is still good. It is great to be on a server which is populated.
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85 Human Rogue
i may be returning to wow, on my 7days free right now, almost 2yrs away from the game. nath does not have much life on it anymore.
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100 Tauren Druid
No idea if anyone remembers the name Hauss or not....but yeah...still here.
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100 Human Death Knight
I played here in BC as a lock. Was just a low level casual though. Came back to level my lock recently.
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100 Pandaren Monk
I stopped playing on this server when i left the game in 2006, came back this year, I think I hated everyone on this server as much as they hated me(Geno), still play with 2 other Nathrezim originals Guttercraw, and Hariel, and if they're still around, Juggernautx. Zaes, and Lanfear are a bunch of douchebags.
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90 Human Warlock
Thought i'd check out what happened to Nath but, it seems like lots have left the server ...

Still remember Lanfear as well ... Synn/Coldbia ... Probably a few hundred names I've not seen in a long time.

Cramoisi back then for me ...
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86 Undead Rogue
Dang! I just missed Capkko! I remember doing so much Gurubashi arena with you man! I'm on another 7 day free trial too.

I'm Mythrendir / Twomuch.

I only get on here occasionally, though. I went from Nathrezim to Bonechewer with friends.

Where is Adoladir or Sfcbravo?
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86 Tauren Druid
I don't really play at the moment, but I'm an early 05 original to Nath (just before the Arthas transfer).

The names that stick out for me (both long gone tmk) Prowler, he/she would stealth into random horde towns and cause havok (pre-honor, it was a lot of fun). And Dance was interesting on the forums though I never encountered them in game.
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100 Human Paladin
LONG LIVE NATHS BEST GUILD DIOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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91 Orc Shaman
Thread makes me happy and sad; like, makes me had.
Makes me smile when I see a familiar name in trade, but sad when I talk to them to find out they are only on the week trial, and don't plan on playing again. :/

Pic(s) somewhat related;

*Adding my personal favorite;
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92 Blood Elf Paladin
I played here, left day transfers opened up in 2006. Avitus, was in the greatest guild ever, Pirates of Willy Goat. Miss the days.
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90 Human Mage
Hi Nath-

Been awhile... I just started playing again. Seems like I'm the only member of Lost these days.
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100 Tauren Hunter
Oh hey, it's time for my yearly reply to this thread again.
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There really isn't much of a community here on this old dusty server.
LFR queues has negated the last reason to talk to anyone from your server. Although, I have a quest to finish a heroic scenario because I can't find 2 other people willing to carry a bad (that's me).
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90 Human Mage
There's a group of us from vanilla Obsidium and Stack and Die still playing in the guild Mens Wearhouse on Kel'thuzad. Herrmdogg, Tweet, Tripcf, Jcufg, Owuttatank, Myndor and Redline. I'm sure I'm leaving some vanilla Nath people out since I'm just winging this off the top of my head.
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