Not to say I don't totally love the current system and how it encourages never helping lower ranked players unless you're a masochist, BUT...

LF an RBG group with folks of similar rating (@ 1950 currently).

- Usually Affliction but just as comfortable as Demo.
- Have all my 384 stuff except the 2200 req items.
- Very reliable and will always show up if I am expected. My motivation is not gear so I won't lose interest when there is nothing left to buy.
- I enjoy team pvp and have lots of BG experience and strat knowledge.
- I will not tolerate emopvpfreaks. I play for fun and listening to someone go emopostal doesn't fit my definition of a good time... unless... it's funny ;)

If any RBG group is looking for more than one, the group I've been playing with has some others over 1900 that would probably appreciate a more stable MMR.