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85 Orc Death Knight
I remember moonrain
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100 Human Paladin
10/11/2011 05:19 PMPosted by Nagaplox

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90 Troll Hunter
Back when I found out Blackanyah's wall of text really could crit.
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90 Dwarf Warrior
zomg Anyah, whens she gonna come back and tell us how to down H Rag?!?

lol good times, good times
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100 Tauren Druid
when i first started playing i was in a instance group (before you could q for instances) i think it was WC or RFC maybe. someone was running around like an idiot, pulling other mobs, and not helping to kill anything. so after we wiped. i asked " wth was that? they aren't real, you don't have to run around and act all scared.whats wrong with you?" and i was removed from the group and whispered " its called fear moron".............. i was a warlock.......

leveled mining and black smithing up to the lvl of gold.. was HIGHLY frustrated when i realized i would not be able to smelt my own gold coins /unlearned both proffs

had a friend rogue convince me he was following me , pickpocketing me, and taking my actual gold.... curse you Ayano

i also think the first few months of playing were the funnest , i remember cliff diving (and having to have a GM come get me unstuck more than once bc of it). anyone member just going out and exploring. running for your life from mobs with a skull, finding ruins some little grove and thinking " i wonder if any other players have been here?"

the upside to cata being a "new paint job on an old car" expansion is that we can go back and do it again, but this time fly. I've found a lot of cool places. new and old. kinda brings back that feeling before we all got so stuck on the best gear, and "must get to lvl cap!!!"
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88 Troll Warlock
I remember when I got my first level 20. I was terrible at leveling and it took me weeks to get there. I was really happy cuz then I could get a mount. I was talking with my guildies and I was like "ZOMG I GOT A FRIKIN RAPTOR." Then I got a druid and got it to Lvl 20 in like 3 days and I was like "is it really that easy?"
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88 Blood Elf Paladin
I leveled to 70 as Holy...aggro'd a bunch of mobs...dropped Concescrate, spamed Exorcism & healed mehself. Leveled a bit with a pally friend named Icedleo...good times !!

But i felt less like a noob when i met a hunter named Aowyn.
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