Hey everyone,

I am currently looking for a guild that has a spot in there core raiding group.
I have been playing WoW on and off since O.G vanilla beta. started raiding in BC as a warrior MT, downing all end game including Illidan pre nerf.
in WotLK i rerolled Shaman(resto) and was recruiting in a top US top 50 raiding guild. I got the server first title "Deaths Demise" for killing Yogg w/ no helpers and were 11/12 HM in ICC 25 man. The guild consisted of 2 GM's and one of them left the guild after getting the Legendary Shadowmourne, the drama that ensued afterwards killed my drive to raid.

I have a Tank(blood) spec and Frost spec for specced for raiding. I am BS/JC for max/min purposes. I can attend any raids after 7pm est.

LMK here or in game, thanks.