Looking for 4 people to fill out a Horde side FL alt run.

We will go atleast 6/7..

Monday the 3rd at 3 am server time..

Looking for.

1 Tank
2 Healers (one with a dps off spec)
1 Dps.

This is what the group consists of right now.

Paladin Tank.
Priest (Healer)
Druid (feral dps)

Token drops will be free roll..

BOEs will be MS>OS and you have to equip if you win. If noone want's them for a main spec or an off spec then they will go for a free roll.

Either post here or contact me in game on either Aziker or Fariin if you are interrested.

Please have an Ilvl in your main spec of atleast 362.( no pvp gear)

Edit: We would like to keep on using the same people week after week if possible.
Edited by Aziker on 9/30/2011 10:24 AM PDT