Loyal to None is looking for mature individuals that want to experience all parts of World of Warcraft, while not forgetting to have fun doing so.

    Some good reasons for joining LtN:
  • You dislike pick-up groups (PUGs), but want to run instances

  • You want to do some raiding, but can't get past the "elitist" attitude of most raiders

  • You would like to try your hand at Arenas

  • You want the Explorer or Loremaster title, but don't want to do it alone (Guild Events!)

  • You want better gear (So do I)

  • You want company during your Fireland dailies

  • You want to learn and teach others what you have learned

  • You want to help make all this happen

Obviously, I can't do all this by my onesies. I am willing to put a lot into making this happen. I'm not bad at raiding, but I am a meltdown waiting to happen in Arenas. Even though I am bad at PvP, I still like participating in it. Let's do some rated battlegrounds, terrorize Azuremyst Isle getting our Explorer title, kill Cho'Gal, and most importantly, have some fun!

Head on over to http://www.loyaltonone.com/recruitment if you are interested. You can also talk to me in-game. At the time of this writing, if the toon is in Loyal to None, it will be me :)

Loremaster Dinwiddie, Guildmaster
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