As we begin to gear up and turn thoughts toward 4.3, we've noticed that our current raid group is really lacking a Resto Shaman. We've mixed up our roles from 4.2 and we have several people, including myself, playing a different role than what we previously were. With the addition of some hectic schedules for a couple of people and the shuffling of toons, we have an open spot in our 6/7 10-man core group and I'd really like to fill it with a Resto Shaman to round out our buffs with this composition.

A little about us... Band of Brothers has been around since 2007 in one form or another. We are one of the oldest active guilds on the server and we have retained the core group since Vanilla. A good number of us are from the Greater Louisville area in Kentucky, so we know each other in real life. This has allowed us to band together through both the good times and the bad. What I'm trying to get at here is that we are not going away any time soon as a guild.

The group is comprised of a guild council that has 6 members. We actively control the aspects of the guild as needed, but for the most part, we're on cruise control because we rarely find ourselves having drama. We have a tried and true system that just works. The 10-man raid is led by myself with the help of a couple of others, and we do our best to progress through content in a timely manner. We raid two nights per week with an off-night that is generally good for either heroics or previous tier content. As we are currently still trying to configure the schedule for 4.3, I cannot yet put it in stone, but the nights we plan on being in the game with potential raids are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. We are currently raiding on Tuesday and Sunday with Thursday being a very active off night, but the current proposal on the table is to move to Tuesday and Thursday to allow the weekend to be open.

If you have a Resto Sham and you think you can be part of a mature and casual group who is focused on progressing through content, please drop us a line. You can join our forum at:

Alternatively, I am usually available in game on one of my toons: Usiris, Usiros, Usirus, Drusiris, Usirys. Send me an in-game mail or a tell if you're interested. We need you!