Discipline Priest: PvP Guide S13


85 Blood Elf Priest
Thank you for the guide@
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85 Night Elf Warrior
Bump, Zomg beli you are #1
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90 Undead Priest
Thanks so much for this!!!
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65 Blood Elf Priest
Amazing guide, already on my favourites.

This really, really helped. Right now, doing RBGs on lvl 40 was pretty much frustrating, and I felt nearly useless. A rogue saps me, removes my bubble, and then I'm 1shotted like nothing. Not only that, but I felt incredibly disappointed after looking at the ferals/warriors set for PvP. Protection warriors could render me useless in seconds.

Again, this is a HUGE help. I hope you make a guide on Shadow too :P
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85 Human Death Knight
This guide has greatly helped me. I just have one question:

You talk about spamming mind spike... but mind spike gets rid of all my dots. Is it worth getting rid of my dots to mind spike spam?
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Requested for sticky. :)
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85 Human Death Knight
12/08/2011 11:04 AMPosted by Belicelli
You talk about spamming mind spike... but mind spike gets rid of all my dots. Is it worth getting rid of my dots to mind spike spam?

Of course yes.
Mind Spyke (3x) + Mind Blast > Smite + Holy Fire + Devouring Plague + Shadow Word:Pain on the target.
I can't tell you about the DPS difference right now, but I'll do several test tonight and post them here.
And don't forget, that if you go for Holy Fire or Smite, both are a Holy Tree spell , so while DPS'ing they might have a chance to lock you out, and totally turn the fight in their favor.

Thanks mate! So really i shouldnt bother with dots at all hey?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Excellent guide! This actually gives me hope that Haste will be useful again. Oh, how I miss wrath days.

I think I will risk it and experiment with haste more this season.
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
This is all nice and well, but why play disc at all? After suffering through 2 weeks of random BGs on my priest I now respecced to holy, and it's a huge difference! Disc felt clunky and ineffective, not to mention that Penance is a horrible spell for BGs: not only gives it away the fact that you're a healer, but also your position - even to those who usually pay no attention at all.

Holy on the other hand has a nice flow and feels pretty mobile. Of course you still spend a lot of time silenced and stunned, but the time you're not you have a lot of options. Does disc work better in arena? Just wondering.
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69 Blood Elf Priest
Is Mind Sooth/Control worth using on PvP?
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