Howdy there folks, Nerbiddle here from Survivors of Gallifrey.

I was thinking about the times our guild has wet its feet in the raiding world along with all you fine gals 'n gents, and specifically how a few kind people have extended an invitation for us to join in the future for more wonderful adventures.

It occurred to me there may be a market in actually joining guilds in a sort of pseudo alliance. SoG has had a heck of a time getting off the ground and I'm sure GMs and officers from the realm's other smaller guilds with big dreams can relate. I propose we let eachother fill in the gaps on our respective benches- for instance SoG now has three tanks but lacks raid ready healers, you might have the opposite problem. Why not run side-by-side for a few weeks with a guild who has what you're looking for already?

If you're interested in this kind of community-involved solution hit me up in thread or in game. It could be as simple as starting a chat channel for both guilds to hang in and, guild-run-achievements aside, would do nothing but good for everyone involved.

Farstriders is pretty low in the rankings and as far as I'm concerned, the less people who are raiding weekly, the longer that will be true. Let's do whatever it takes to get that experience in and build a respectable realm.