Does anyone from the Vanilla days still play?

85 Worgen Druid
On my 5th druid.....I come back for a few months every now and then, play non stop for awhile, gain 30 kgs then quit in a fit of pique.

!@#$ me there are some funny memories assosciated with names in this thread.
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85 Blood Elf Mage
I decided to come back for a few months until i start law school. Used to play during Vanilla and BC, but quit shortly before Wrath came out.

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1 Orc Warrior
Webin does but he's bad
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100 Human Warrior
Fire and bobble posting togather again ahhh how cute!
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81 Night Elf Priest
Still around every once in a while, if anyone even remembers me. I started here in late '05. I'm just on a different realm, different faction. Still miss this place, but I don't know anyone nowadays when I log in.

Guess it'd be pretty unrealistic to expect my old buddy list to populate with the same folks after 7 years. Heh.

Anyway.... hi, Terenas.
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1 Troll Hunter
Still around, playing on Blackhand.
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90 Human Paladin
Came back to check out MoP....Any others from Hitmen lingering around here? D:

Come back?

Hitmen 6.4?
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90 Tauren Druid
IS there anyone from Wildhammer, from back in the Day this is Proraider, if any of you remember me, it seems wildhammer is dying now, so now im moving to stormreaver but still would be good to keep in touch with some old friends
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90 Human Rogue
sup dickapoo? <3 us some hitman bromance.

Nalene. Let's go find eri. Nao
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100 Worgen Warrior
Yup, came back for MoP(using my brothers account, implying I'd pay for this crap).

Originally Undead Warrior named Deathoath, if you wanna buy a Brain Hacker get at me ;)
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80 Human Mage

Still miss the old guys though most have probably moved on...

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90 Gnome Monk
I'm back =) add me Drizzen#1194
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Hola! I just came back. I was Ginxx {Night Elf Rogue} on the Alliance side. Played for Carnage Inc, Hitmen and Eternal Glory/Veritas before transferring to Lightbringer. Toxan did Vanilla BGs with the people trying for Warlord/HWL and limited PVE with Theatre of Pain. Now I'm shooting for scraping together whatever PVP players might still be lingering here so Terenas Horde can have at least some showing on the Arena/BG rank lists. :)
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99 Undead Warlock
Been on This Server Sence Vanilla, ... My Curent Guild has been on this server that long as well, ... but i did not join them till BC about the time all my RL friends Ditched this realm, ... one day I logged on and guild was gone, ... friends were gone, ... and I chose to stay here.
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76 Tauren Paladin
On and off over the last year. Not really consistent on terenas anymore. Been PVPing/Leveling with friends on Argent Dawn.


PS. I hate you Bobble.

PPS. No seriously. !@#$ You.

PPPS. I'm sorry baby I still love you.
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90 Human Hunter
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85 Draenei Shaman
Came back to check out MoP....Any others from Hitmen lingering around here? D:

Come back?

Hitmen 6.4?

Hell yah man hitmen 6.4 ftw

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90 Human Warlock
I still play but on a different server. The original Rabidlylucid got "destroyed" after I quit for good back in 2007. Well it lasted over 6 months!!! Rerolled horde on Mugthol where I have 4 or 5 90's......

Went to college for a BSN from 2009-2012 in an accelerated program so if I didn't have time I'd quit for months at a time. Now a BSN RN psych nurse HAHA!

Game hasn't been the same since Vanilla. I think I've done maybe 3 arenas since they've came out. No rated BG'S although I might when I level this lock.

While I've enjoyed the game it's been too hard to get too deep into pvp or pve. When I was in Eternal Keggers I was a General Manager trying to pvp and pve at the same time and I just got to the point where the game consumed way to much of my time. I lost my
"passion" for the game I guess as I've just up and quit at will when needed.

Just started playing again with an old Mugthol friend who xferred to Kargath. Leaving all my 90's behind and focusing on the lock for a while.

Been good to see some familiar faces and threads like this bring back a flood of warm memories! Even you old school pvp hordies!

Edit: I will say playing destruction reminds of the time I picked up 2400+ HK's in an Alderac Valley playing for about 8 hours or so. Good times!
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100 Human Warlock
Yep! Most of the active Horadrim folks are from vanilla. I don't see many names I recognize anymore. :-(
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