Are you a Destromath old timer?

90 Undead Warlock
Zerg of Fenris
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12/06/2011 12:43 PMPosted by Avätar

Reason why I rolled hunter.
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88 Human Paladin
Dangerous Soap? Did someone call me?
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I was known as Smashar back in 2005, and yeah, Daish is the guy I remember most. Alterac Valley. Contest of honor. Oh man.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
dont be emo
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90 Tauren Druid
2005-2006 Mains were Golgroth (mage) and Slugo of HotA and Nuclear Ninja Assassins...

Free xfers to The Underbog..... worst decision we ever made.... other NNA members that are still with us...


Miss Destro >.<
(still waiting for my free xfers back...please)
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90 Blood Elf Priest
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08/11/2012 02:20 AMPosted by Moneystacks

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90 Blood Elf Priest
what type of nerd lingo is that
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08/14/2012 04:51 AMPosted by Moneystacks
what type of nerd lingo is that

Does your guild leader still have an AED in his room?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
do what now
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
Things I remember, in no particular order:

Purehate on the roofs in Darkshire, chain lightning everyone.

Mezzo reporting everyone/everything

Bluwolfe walking around in full Devout, and later with his Perdition Blade(s?)

Mentorzq getting his named changed b/c someone reported it

Magma-F*cking-Dar - By Graves of <Taken>

Big Blue Dress - Cranius

Enfuego's threads

Stian and his billion hours of /played, plus cloth moonkin gear

<Argent Avengers>

Alliance first Rag kill (still my favorite moment in WoW), but not all the guild drama that happened afterwards

Lankin drunk on vent

<Panda Express> vs <Masquers>, Ohmy, Drewbie, Machao, Gurulegit, Nemyar, Howierr, and all the others I can't remember (sorry !)

Voom / Voomenstien

<CSM> - self explanatory

<Sanctuary> - Carebear central, Wrex

I got misty-eyed writing this down, can't believe I remember all this.
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It's Brayden/Poof. I'm a laser chicken now. Hai!

I have a picture of you on my phone..

The day after FL came out you were in my dungeon group and for some reason I took a picture of your name.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Remember the old IRC days?
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91 Night Elf Priest
I'm here till this expansion gets stale. I give it a month or two tops. The world pvp is awesome so far though, reminds me of silithus.

Is the orc shaman named Orch the old warrior main tank from Get of Fenris? I ganked him just in case.

We need to get an IRC started again so I can hunt down freezythree

and since we're getting all nostalgic, a few of my favorite moments in no particular order

Gleave, guild leader of Paradigm, was talking on his mic, his mom walks in and yells " DID YOU CLEAN YOUR ROOM YET". This was like a week before we got the server first Nefarion kill. In your face CSM.

World pvp against crypt fiends, reading is fundamental, and the rest.

Ganking eaglehorn in silithus while we were on IRC together. He was in full tier 3 and nearly invincible, but where there's a will, there's a way.

Talking !@#$ on all the other bad players in E plurbus Unum with Lookapriest.

Get of Fenris being the best alliance guild for most of TBC. How the hell did that happen?
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70 Night Elf Hunter
Talking !@#$ on all the other bad players in E plurbus Unum
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36 Night Elf Druid
Purehate gank me.
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90 Goblin Rogue
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